Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan

The year 2018 was certainly not a good year for any of the Khans. Not only did the hype and hoopla around the three biggest releases of last year – Thugs of Hindostan, Race 3 and Zero – turn out to be epic disappointments, but the films also fell flat at the box office.

While Salman Khan chose to stay quiet on the failure of Race 3, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh both, opened up about their films' failures. Not only did they take the blame for the failures of their films but also vowed to work better and choose more wisely in the future.

Now, there is no denying the fact that every season of Koffee with Karan is incomplete without Karan Johar's closest buddy – Shah Rukh Khan. While we have seen some of the most unexpected names gracing Karan's couch this year, SRK has been conspicuous by his absence. With the show all set to reach its finale soon, our wait and desperation to see Shah Rukh and Karan together have only intensified.

However, as per a report in Deccan Chronicle, owing to the unsatisfactory business of 'Zero', Shah Rukh is not too inclined to visit the talk show. The report states that Shah Rukh has been busy choosing the next best script for himself and wants to bounce back at the box office. Hence, he has been focussing extensively on just that aspect, which is also the reason for him not being too interested in joining the show.

If the rumour is to be believed, Karan Johar has apparently approached Salman Khan to be a part of the closing episode of the show, owing to the phenomenal response the show got the last time Salman was on the couch.