An ISIS flag in Kobane
An ISIS flag in Kobane                                                                                                                                                Reuters

The Islamic State has penetrated the Kurdish-inhabited Syrian border town of Kobane, according to latest reports.

Proving the fears of the Kurds right, the ISIS has now started posting photos of beheaded Kurdish fighters, including women. Reports from Kobane claim that the militants have been able to enter the city of Kobane, and are indulging in street fights.

The ISIS has also taken over several buildings in the town, including an hospital on the Eastern side, which is now being used as hideouts for ISIS snipers targeting Kurdish fighters.

"Urban guerrilla warfare has started and the fighting is taking place for the first time in districts at the eastern entrance, in Maqtala al-Jadida and Qani Arab," Rami Abdel Rahman, director of the Observatory, reportedly stated.

An ISIS flag on a building in Kobane
An ISIS flag on a building in Kobane                                                                                                                        Reuters

UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that the ISIS has intensified their attacks on Kobane since Monday. Though the Kurdish fighers were able to repel attacks from the Eastern side of the town, several ISIS militants entered the city by Tuesday.

More than 1,60,000 residents have fled Kobane but SOHR claims thousands are still trapped in the city.

There is widespread fear among the Kurds of having to face ISIS brutalities. The Islamic State fighters, who are Sunnis, do not recognise Kurds as Muslims, and are hence bound to show 'no mercy' on any prisoners.

Following the fall of Kobane, an Islamic State fighter posted a picture, holding the head of a decapitated Kurdish female fighter.

An ISIS militant posing with the head of a captured Kurdish female fighter
An ISIS militant posing with the head of a captured Kurdish female fighter                               Twitter

Reports indicate that ISIS fighters have been indulging in beheading the resisting Kurdish fighters, including women. Earlier last week, three women were among the nine Kurdish fighters who were beheaded by the ISIS.

A BBC report on Monday noted that the Islamic State was able to enter the key Syria-Turkey border town and is now engaged in street-to-street fighting with the Kurd defenders.

Though Turkey, which shares a border with Kobane, had promised to prevent the town from falling to the militants last week, till now only Ankara has remained neutral in its assistance to the Kurds.

According to Vice News, Ankara is wary of the idea of a powerful Kurdish presence on its doorstep, especially the YPG, which has links to the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), a group which fought for more than 30 years for greater autonomy within Turkey, and is considered by the authorities to be a terrorist organisation.

The Kurdish fighters, however, are still inside the city, fighting off the militants.

"We either die or win. No fighter is leaving," Esmat al-Sheikh, leader of the Kobani Defense Authority, told Reuters.

"The world is watching, just watching and leaving these monsters to kill everyone, even children... but we will fight to the end with what weapons we have."