Video footage released by local news channels show ISIS militants can easily cross over from Turkey and then attack Kobane.
Footage released by news channels show ISIS can easily cross over from Turkey and attack Kobane.YouTube

Even as Ankara remains in denial on its role in assisting Islamic State, a recent footage released online by a local TV channel revealed how easily ISIS militants can cross over from Turkey and attack Kobane.

The Islamic State have captured several hundreds of Kurdish villages near the Syria-Turkey border since September, with reports indicating that over 300,000 Kurds have been displaced by the ISIS onslaught.

Kobane is now the only the Kurdish town yet to be taken over by the ISIS. And despite its proximity to Turkey, the town has been left unaided by both governments. Kobane and Turkey are separated by just a rail track.

In the video, Islamic State militants are seen crossing over from Turkey unchallenged into Kobane, and are then shown attacking the Kurdish town. The ISIS fighters are seen using an underbridge of the rail track which divides Kobane from Turkey. 

Kobane's Fall Looks Imminent as ISIS Surrounds Town

Meanwhile, since the ISIS onslaught began near the Syria-Turkey in September, there has been an increasing anger among the Kurds against Turkey.

A USA Today report found that the Kurds are angry with Turkey as the government has mainly focused on stopping the Kurdish minority from aiding fellow Kurds in Syria. There also been incidents of tear gas attacks on Kurds by the Turkish police to stop the minority group from crossing over to Syria.

"We would protect the people in Kobane and fight the Islamic State, but the Turkish police are helping the Islamic State - by preventing people from crossing the border," Memet Sipan, a professional singer at the border trying to get across, told UT.

ISIS Beheads 9 Kurdish Fighters Including Women Near Kobane, Posts Images Online 

Another villager at the border, Suleyman Celik, said: "The Islamic State is slicing babies, burning villages, they are killing children, they are beheading people. They do this is the name of Islam, but they are not Muslims."

Earlier this week, reports emerged that the ISIS has beheaded nine Kudish fighters, including three women, after they were captured during a fight in a village near Kobane.

In a recent development, the Turkish army was forced to deploy tanks and armoured vehicles near the Syrian border town, after ISIS shelling fell on its town.