Kiren Rijiju, Virat kohli, Anushka Sharma
Kiren Rijiju, Virat kohli, Anushka SharmaIANS/Instagram

Anushka Sharma on Saturday scolded a passerby for throwing garbage on the road from his car. Virat Kohli posted the video on Instagram, sparking a nationwide debate. The man later slammed Anushka and Virat for making their confrontation public and called the latter a trashy mind.

The man's mother too lashed out at the couple, accusing them of violating her son's basic rights to privacy and said that she is now concerned about his safety.

While netizens were divided after watching Anushka call out the man for littering in public, Minister of State for Home Affairs, Kiren Rijiju, came out in support of the couple and gave his two cents on the issue in a sarcastic response.

"C'mon, Virat & Anushka need publicity!! They would rather crave for privacy!! Our conduct reflects our mentality. Civic sense is social ethics and ethical behaviour doesn't come with wealth & education. Let's keep India clean. #SwachhBharat," Rijiju tweeted on Monday.

However, Twitter users begged to differ with Rijiju and requested him not to defend someone's arrogance. Though there were also quite a few who agreed with the minister's statement. Take a look.

"Sir but the person also deserves privacy. You cannot demonize a person publicly by posting his pictures online," a user objected.

While another seconded Rijiju's thoughts and said, "I do it all the time too. So does my daughter. Civic sense has to be pushed into people."

Tweeting in support of Virat and Anushka, a user wrote, "I am with @imVkohli and @AnushkaSharma. They did the right thing. Most don't even bother when something happens like this around. It needs courage and awareness."

"Sir, Lets agree to disagree. As much as Sawch bharat abhiyan is great initiate, we can accept cheap behavior from so called INDIAN CELEBRITIES. They shall learn how to behave in public. They being successful doesn't allow them to break the laws," a user begged to differ with Rijiju.

Did Virat and Anushka do the right thing by calling out the man for littering? Share your views in the comments below.