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Kim Kardashian has already won Halloween, there's no denying that. Yet, the reality TV star and businesswoman, known for her iconic fashion choices, has managed to pave her way into another controversy.

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Over the past one week, Kim has turned a lot of heads and gathered multiple compliments for pulling off musical icon costumes at various Halloween parties. So far she has dressed up as Cher from the 70's, Madonna from 1991 and also Aaliyah, the late RnB singer.

While Kim's appearance as Cher with her bff Jonathan Cheban dressed as Sonny, making them the stellar duo, earned her massive compliments, including the approval of the LGBTQ icon Cher herself, people are definitely not happy about her dressing up as Aaliyah.

Some people have even gone to the extent of calling her disrespectful, especially since the singer passed away back in 2001, while some labelled her make up as 'blackface' – something that's deemed culturally offensive.

Kim tried to pull off Aaliyah Haughton's look from the music video for the 2000's hit Try Again, where the late singer is seen sporting rhinestones and black leather.

While the Kardashian family has done anything and everything to adopt the black culture, especially in terms of fashion including dreads, grills, and cornrows, certain fans cannot help but question how fair it is to label Kim as offensive in her Aaliyah representation?

The Aaliyah attire first sparked off a heated discussion when the 37-year-old mother of two posted a video clip of her flaunting the look and fans noticed an accidental nip-slip in it. However, nobody seemed to complain as her social media following adored the look.

But now, Twitter seems to be divided into two distinct sections – one that believes Kim is being her problematic, typical Kardashian self by appropriating black culture, and another that believes Kim is paying tribute to the late singer via fashion, like she truly would have wanted to be remembered.

Here's what Kim's critics had to say:

And then there were kinder soul's who genuinely adored the way Kim pulled off Aaliyah's look, and believed she "slayed"

And then one fan spoke up about what everybody seemed to unanimously agree with...

Controversies apart, Kim really seemed to pull off the 70's Cher and 1991 Madonna look flawlessly. See it for yourself!