Kim Jong Un
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un poses for photos in Pyongyang.Reuters

Kim Jong Un is dead. No, he's not. He's in a coma or probably vacationing in his private resort or he's away horse-riding into the wilderness. Kim Jong Un's absence from the controlled state-media coverage often sparks speculations and rumours. But time and again, the Supreme Leader of North Korea has debunked conspiracies about him being on his deathbed. Once again, Kim Jong Un's health has become the headlines on global news channels and papers, but no one knows for sure what's happening behind those closed borders.

For weeks now, Kim Jong Un has stayed away from local coverage in North Korea. Many sources have suggested that the 39-year-old ruler is gravely ill and might not even make it this time. According to an insider, Kim's health is in a critical state as the NK leader has been put on life support. The source further revealed that his death is imminent.

The latest development on Kim's health comes only a week after The Sun reported that he is a coma and North Korea's reigns are being handed over to his sister Kim Yo Jung - next in the line of succession. An ex-aide to late South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung had claimed North Korea has been hiding the truth about Kim's health and that he is in a vegetative state.

Power struggle

Kim Yo Jong with Kim Jong-un
Kim Yo Jong with Kim Jong-unReuters

Kim's sister might be largely considered for succession, but recent reports have suggested there might be some internal power struggle to take over the throne. Even though many thought Kim's regime would end and the tyranny would somewhat relax, but reports have suggested that Kim Yo Jong as the supreme leader could be worse.

Kim Yo Jong has been a royal representative and a trustworthy aide to the NK leader. She's always by his side, helping him make decisions. But political experts see Kim Yo Jung as a ruthless leader and trouble could be brewing if she took over the regime.

Kim Jong Un also has a brother, a male heir, Kim Jong Chol, but it's unlikely he will sit on the throne due to his lack of interest in politics. If Kim's to die before his 12-year-old son comes to age, Kim Yo Jong would be the ideal candidate to replace him. She has been building her image and expanding her authority through the Propaganda and Agitation Department.