While rumours regarding the death of North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong Un is spreading widely, Korean Peninsula expert and chairman of the board of The World and Northeast Asia Peace Forum stated that the news cannot be completely considered as fake.

Unconfirmed reports on Kim's death have been appearing online after China sent its doctors to North Korea to help determine his current health status.

Kim Yo Jong with Kim Jong Un
Kim Yo Jong with Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un dead?

The North Korean leader, known for his enigmatic and capricious strategies has always posed a severe threat to the world nations with his 'crazy' ideas that even lead to the possibility of a nuclear world war.

Reports regarding Kim's death flourished in the social media after Vice Director of Hong King Satellite TV claimed that Kim was dead.

The Korean Peninsula expert Jang Sung Min too expressed his belief that the North Korean leader was dead.

The media have been speculating on Kim's absence from public view. He was reportedly hospitalised for failing ill post his heart surgery, although no news was confirmed officially by the Korean media.

Rogue WH Snr Advisor tweet on Kim's death Twitter

Sung Min the chairman of the board of The World and Northeast Asia Peace Forum (WNPF) quoted a source revealing that Kim Jong Un is currently in very serious condition. "Kim Jong Un's health condition is very serious, and just this morning, the North Korean administration came to the conclusion that it will be impossible for him to recover," he said.

Speculations over Kim's health

It was also reported that when the source was asked to confirm whether the North Korean leader has died or not, he reportedly avoided giving a direct answer and said, "That's all you need to know."
Chairman Jang interpreted the response and revealed that they are acknowledging the talks about Kim Jong Un's passing.

However, he added that "We have to separate all the risks that the news of his passing will bring and prepare countermeasures to reach scenario" while adding that "Until Kim Jong Un reappears as North Korea's executive of state affairs, we have to assume he has passed away and take necessary diplomatic measures."

Most of the prominent world news channels have been covering the updates of Kim's health. It was also reported by Reuters on Friday that China has sent a team of doctors to North Korea to help determine Kim Jong Un's health status.

kim jong un
kim jong un

Speculations regarding his 'successors' were also profound among the discussions over North Korea's future.

Meanwhile, one Tweet claimed that "Kim Jong Un on .4.22.20 has passed away, Chinese specialist team led by Song Tao with 50 people arrived 8 minutes too late Kim Yo Jong will become the leader of N. Korea and serve as female regent." (this is being posted by a doctor on Chinese social media) not verified."

Another tweet from Rogue WH Snr Advisor, the account which has over 211.8K followers claimed that sources in US intelligence have revealed, Kim Jong Un has died.

Disclaimer: Don't believe in all rumours till the official word is out.