Kiara Advani's masturbation scene
Kiara Advani's masturbation scene from Lust StoriesTwitter

Actress Kiara Advani's masturbation scene from Lust Stories has allegedly been leaked online. The 1.57-minute-long clip has gone viral on social media especially on WhatsApp. [Scroll down to watch the video]

Lust Stories was released on NetFlix on June 15. The masturbation scene clip was widely circulated on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Some people titled it "Dadi galat remote le liya" on social media.

As the video begins, Kiara Advani is seen in her bedroom inserting the vibrator to pleasure herself. Meanwhile, she is called for dinner. In panic, she leaves the remote of the vibrator in the hall and goes on to set the things on the dinner table. Meanwhile, her granny, who is searching for TV remote, picks it up tries to operate TV without realising it is for something else.

Kiara, who is pouring water in a glass, drops the glass and starts to enjoy it paying little heed to the people around. Her husband, mother-in-law and sister-in-law are shocked and watch her in confusion and embarassment. The video ends as she climaxes.

Lust Stories is an anthology of four stories that sheds light on modern relationships from the viewpoint of the Indian woman. Kiara Advani has played the female lead in one of the four short film segments, which has been directed by Karan Johar. This movie has opened to wonderful reception from the audience around the world.

In her segment, Kiara Advani plays Megha, who never finds any sexual satisfaction from her husband Paras (Vicky Kaushal), who doesn't understand how to satisfy his partner physically. Her innocent looks and matured performance have struck a chord with the viewers.

Here is the leaked video of Kiara Advani's masturbation scene from Lust Stories: