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Bharat Ane Nenu actress Kiara Advani has received rave reviews from the audience, critics and celebs for her amazing performance in Netflix's latest release Lust Stories.

Lust Stories is an anthology film that consists of four short segments directed by Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar, Dibakar Banerjee and Karan Johar. The movie advocates that sexual satisfaction is equally important for a woman just as it is for a man. It features Kiara Advani, Radhika Apte, Bhumi Pednekar and Manisha Koirala.

Lust Stories is all about four characters in the digital age life. In the Karan Johar-directed story, Kiara Advani plays a character named Megha, who never finds any sexual satisfaction from her over-enthusiastic native husband Paras (Vicky Kaushal), who never understands the concept of giving any kind of pleasure to his wife.

Many audience feel that Kiara Advani has nailed and she fits the bill of an innocent housewife perfectly. She has delivered a wonderful performance. Like Swara Bhaskar in Veere Di Wedding, the actress is seen masturbating using a vibrator in the movie and her act has received well by everyone.

After watching it, some celebs, critics and audience took to Twitter to share review on Kiara Advani's performance in Lust Stories. Here are their response on Bharat Ane Nenu actress' acting.

Actress Rakul Preet: #luststories is a step ahead in the world of telling stories. Highlighting human desires and breaking taboos ! Every actor has lived their character!! @karanjohar @vickykaushal09 @Advani_Kiara @NehaDhupia @anuragkashyap72 @psbhumi @ZoyaAkhtarOff #dibakarbanerjee CONGRATS

Telugu actor Brahmaji: @Advani_Kiara brilliant performance..amazing #LustStories

Bollywood actor Harshvardhan Kapoor: #LustStories a great time at the movies ... 4 auteurs at the top of they're game .. wonderfully performed beautifully crafters full of surprises and so authentic congratulations @karanjohar @ZoyaAkhtarOff @anuragkashyap72 #dibakar great work by @Advani_Kiara @psbhumi#sanjaykapoor

Singer Vijay Kumar‏: Just saw #VeereDiWedding. Now i realized that @ReallySwara was not wrong about it. Masturbation scene is similar to the scene of #luststories played by @Advani_Kiara. Superb movie, totally masala. @sonamakapoor @KareenaOnline.

Shréstha.. ‏ @ShresthaBhaduri

Just watched #LustStories.. Megha's vibrator scene was out of the world..!! Only @karanjohar can make it look so funnily good.. @NehaDhupia..@Advani_Kiara..@vickykaushal09..@NetflixIndia..

Hemanth Kumar CR‏ @crhemanth

Saw #LustStories @netflix ...good stuff...loved the segment directed by @karanjohar and how amazing were @Advani_Kiara @vickykaushal09 in this one

Harish‏ @harishravuri7

@Advani_Kiara lends vulnerability, grace and a hint of mischief to Megha's character wonderfully and shows that she is one of the finest talents around. #LustStories

Vivek Bakul‏ @vivek_maru

#Luststories, A perfect @NetflixIndia Original. 4 diverse directors and the way they have crafted each story and the way they have pushed their limits and comfort zones, Commendable ! The big surprise was @Advani_Kiara, What a performance, Kudos ! #Cinema

NNℹ™‏ @thisisme4youall

Just saw #LustStories @Advani_Kiara wat a matured performance it is kudos!! u just nailed it u were more beautiful nd stunning in this film. hope u will be doing such challenging roles in the future tooo.a big fan of u from now btw #EidMubarak

Vijay Thyagan G☮️‏ @VijayThyagan

Before watching #LustStories I actually had this prejudice that @Advani_Kiara took a strange step in choosing the film while she is getting opportunities to work in mega projects. But, happy to be proven wrong. Infact I became a fan of her. Just keep slaying girl !!!

Vamshiiii‏ @worldvams

Watched #LustStories . Well executed plots....Natural performances from the lead actors.... @Advani_Kiara stood out from all...more love to you..

Nishant Gauns‏ @nishant2423

Just finished watching #LustStories and @Advani_Kiara just nailed it with her innocence. You have earned yourself a fan. Everything about you was so on point loved every second of the fourth act. Your totally underrated. You have shown what your capable of. Go see it people :)

Baljit‏ @kaur803

What an absolute pleasure watching #LustStories. Although all four stories are realistically beautiful my personal favorite is @karanjohar's part. The story resonates with me on so many levels! I watched the climax twice! Thoroughly enjoyed @Advani_Kiara 's performance ☺️

Roshni Chaudhari‏ @addictedtolace

.@Advani_Kiara and @vickykaushal09 were amazing in #LustStories. Couldn't stop laughing! Loved, loved, lovedddd the way the message was conveyed! @karanjohar

Teeshay @teeshays

Saw #luststories...Super watch @karanjohar's film stands out for its audacity and twisted sense of humour. Also @Advani_Kiara looks like a dream! Well done..#netflix