Right since the show ended in 2004, fans have been asking the makers for a reunion. The 90s hit show Friends starring Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer was finally in for a reunion this year, but as fate would have it the coronavirus pandemic postponed the shoot.

The show's producer, Kevin Bright has now revealed some new details about the show's reunion including his thoughts on Ross and Rachel's future.

Kevin revealed that the production will be postponed as the makers are not interested in a virtual reunion. He said, "We're just waiting. We're waiting for a window. We feel the reunion needs to be done in front of an audience. We can't not share it after all this time."

Talking about a possible timeline, he said, "So, uh, tentatively speaking, we're hoping that the special will be completed by Thanksgiving. And, uh, that the show will be seen on HBOMax at that time."

He also added, "What's tough about it is the clips have been picked over so much over the years. Coming up with a fresh approach to those clips, and hopefully digging through the old dailies, you know, we have every piece of footage we ever shot on Friends.

He spoke about approaching some old scenes too, "maybe seeing something while the cameras are still rolling, that the audience has never seen before. An alternate take of a scene that the audience knows very well."

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Kevin echoed the thoughts of many fans when he said, "In my heart I feel like the show could've gone another one or two years…Joey was not married, something might have happened there going forward. The other two years could've been Joey finding true love!,"

He also answered the most asked question about Ross and Rachel, "From my point of view, if the Friends were to get together today in their characters, just know the way the world goes, I would not believe it if all of their marriages are still together. That would not be believable to me. I'm gonna say that maybe Ross and Rachel might be on a break!"