We are all angry and annoyed at how 2020 is panning out to be. Half the year has been spent sitting at our homes yearning to step out. While other celebrities have been doing online concerts and interviews, Jennifer Aniston has a rather unique take on the situation.

The 51-year-old Friends star chose to convey her feelings about the current situation with a throwback picture. The picture that seems to have been taken in the 90s shows Aniston showing her middle finger to someone. She posted the picture on her official Instagram account (that had broken the internet) and captioned the image as, "Dear Covid...You can kindly F@!k off now thank you BYE ☹️ TBT"

The picture received comments by her beloved fans. Fellow co-star from the 90s sitcom Friends, Lisa Kudrow, also comment to Aniston's post with clapping hands,

Oprah too commented on the picture, "Nothing but respect for our President Jennifer Aniston "

Other comments came from actress Julianne Moore, Ashley Benson, Naomi Watts, Laura Brown among many others.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Jennifer had shared that she is self quarantining in her Bel Air home. She also said that, "You like to be in the house by yourself. I'm a born agoraphobe. This is kind of a dream...not a dream it's obviously a nightmare. But, me personally, it's not been that much of a challenge."

But in the last few weeks, she has been posting videos that clearly indicate that the lockdown may have finally got to her. She shared a story on her Instagram where she was just watching the spin cycle on her washing machine, while listing to the sensational song "Bored In The House".

The throwback surely makes for the best way for Jen to convey her feelings about lockdown!