It was in 2014 when the final episode of Friends was aired prime time TV. Ever since the show bid fans a goodbye, there have been forums, media requests, and crazy social media accounts petitioning for the show and cast's reunion. Who would have thought that 2020 would finally be the year! While everything else this year seems to go downhill, Friends Reunion is so far the best news of the year.

All members of the cast including, Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer took to their Instagram accounts to post the announcement. The reunion is set to be a contest that can be attended by six lucky people. Here's what the announcement read:

'Be our personal guests in the audience'

"Be our personal guests in the audience for the taping where you'll get to see us all together again for the first time in ages, as we reminisce about the show and celebrate all of the fun we had. Plus, sip a cup of coffee with us in Central Perk, and get the 'Friends' VIP experience on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour."

The contest has been organised by The All In Challenge. Participants are supposed to bid with a minimum entry fee of $10. All the proceeds from the reunion will go to No Kid Hungry, Meals on Wheels and America's Food Fund.

The original plan was to film the reunion in March. However, shooting was stopped across Hollywood due to the spread of the Coronavirus. The organisers have not yet announced when the reunion is expected to be filmed. But the contest dates have been fixed from April 21 to May 8.

HBO Max has also recently acquired the right to the show. The show that was previously airing on Netflix was taken down this year. This is not just a golden opportunity to see the cast together but also to be a part of it!