Director Sudheer Varma's Telugu movie Keshava starring Nikhil Siddharth and Ritu Varma, has received mixed reviews from the audiences, who say slow narration in the second half disappoints.

Keshava is an intense revenge drama with a tagline - "Revenge is a dish, best served cold." Sudheer Varma has written the story and screenplay, while Krishna Chaitanya and Arjun Carthyk penned the dialogues for the film, which has been produced by Abhishek Nama under his banner Abhishek Pictures.

Keshava is all about a Brahmin student named Keshav, who wants to take revenge. Keshava suffers from a rare heart condition - Dextrocardia - due to which he has to keep his emotions under control to stay alive. How he manages to take revenge forms the crux of the story.

The viewers say Keshava has a routine story, but the director has tried to make it different by giving it a modern touch. Some intense and emotional scenes, twists and surprises keep the film goers engaged throughout the movie. But the slow pace in the second half and lack of enough comedy elements may disappoint a particular section of movie goers.

Nikhil Siddharth is known for doing expertiments with his roles and he is at it again. He has tried out a full-pledged action movie, which he never did in the past. He has lot of scope showcase his acting skills. His performance in intense and emotional scenes is sure to shock film goers, the audiences say.

Nikhil Siddhartha in Keshava

Ritu Varma has good scope for performance and she has done justice to her role. Isha Koppikar plays a cop and she has delivered decent performance. Rao Ramesh, Brahmaji, Ajay, Raja Ravindra, Vennela Kishore, Priyadarshi Pullikonda and Ravi Prakash have also done good jobs and they are assets of the movie, say the viewers.

Keshava has decent production values and MR Sunny's backgorund score is the biggest attraction on the technical front. His songs, picturisation, action choreography and dialogues are the other highlights of the movie, say the film goers.

We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of Keshava movie review by audience:

Jalapathy Gudelli‏ @JalapathyG

#Keshava: Slick & stylish.1st half is riveting. Style supersedes all.Thin plot bt Sudheer's taut narration makes it an interesting watch. #Keshava : 'Vengeance' part is cliched but Divakar Mani's excellent cinematography & Prashant Pillai's BG score have worked in big way. P.S: #Keshava misses logic in many parts & protagonist having heart right side in the chest adds no value to the plot considering his acts.

Sangeetha devi @Sangeetha_Devi

That feeling when I like a film & also want something more. #Keshava is an engaging thriller that stops a little short of being exceptional. #Keshava A partly-riveting thriller which, I felt, had the potential to be something more

Sufyan‏ @Sufyanz1212

Just watched #Keshava with whole family.@actor_Nikhil and @riturv rocked it.woww and the grgeous @riturv has bcome more grgeous in dis movie

venkatesh@9999‏ @Kammilavenkate1

Awesome movie boss Superb acting @actor_Nikhil Konni shots unnai boss peaks, Congrats bro n thqs for giving good films to us #Keshava

G Sriniwasa kumar‏ @SKNonline

#Keshava 1st half @actor_Nikhil's career best performance @sudheerkvarma arresting narration With stunning Cinematography & terrific BGM #Keshava is a intense crime thriller. Faithful to theme no diversions. @sudheerkvarma portrays diff angel in @actor_Nikhil Watch it .@riturv looks & act good & my fav @vennelakishore bhai & @preyadarshi gave enough laughs to cheer. #Keshava stands out at the box office

Prabhu neela‏ @prabhuneela1

#Keshava @actor_Nikhil acting @vennelakishore attitude n finally #kalabairavastakam music brought da film towards different level...

Sruthi Reddy‏ @sods2103

@actor_Nikhil two words, thank you! you're on a whole other level! wishing you all tonnes of success and money and love from australia @riturv great performance, perfect for the role! and the thelusa neeku bahusa song was adorable :D #keshava @actor_Nikhil

ManiKICK‏ @ManiKick

#Kesava film is gripping decent revenge drama which picturized in a stylish manner. You can watch this movie with low expectations. #Kesava The Right Side Heart Disorder of #Nikhil has got nothing to the story. Director should have used that point effectively. #Kesava Prashant Pillai's BGM is hunting and terrific. Diwakar Mani's Cinematography is top notch & the lighting gives an intense feel. #Nikhil came up with an intense performance in a role which is keen on revenge for his parent's death. Throughout the film, #Nikhil totally settled in his role. Character requires 2 be serious, he acted with an ease with a serious note Isha Koppikar in her comeback as an IPS Officer makes a stunning comeback. #RituVarma is good in the short role. Dir @sudheerkvarma handled d revenge drama in a stylish manner. #Keshava is a Revenge drama which has simple story but runs on d screenplay #Kesava Director succeeded by not encouraging unnecessary comm. elements in d film like item & love songs etc except few forced comedy bits. Elevating the movie with the problem(Right Side Heart Disorder) would have given a different shape to the film #kesava

Krishna chaithanya‏ @Krishna28458392

@actor_Nikhil just now i watched keshava bro.. comedy timings and revange are simply superb and ur acting levels are at peaks. #keshava

Deepak‏ @deepuzoomout

Super duper intense with brilliant cinematography & terrific score. To the point. Very well directed & Acted #Keshava 1st half @actor_Nikhil

kanakamedala srujan‏ @kanakamedalasru

Just now I saw the #Keshava in apple cinemas cambridge MA it was simple superb.....your are in the hit track @actor_Nikhil ... congrats

Starky‏ @starky_afdb

#Keshava #KeshavaOnMay19th very good first half.. Good attempt by sudheer varma

Mithra Reddy‏ @ChMithraReddy

@riturv @actor_Nikhil rocked in #Keshava Loved the background and cinematography #drones showed amalapuram beautifully

RK ‏ @RKTwts

Ok first half .. ekkuva expect cheyyakunda ala laagincheyyadame .. background music loud and non sync at many places .. #Keshava

AYYAPPA REDDY‏ @lucky59000

Cmpltd 1st half awesome thrilling scenes sprb entrtng scrnply aa thrilling narration edayite undo @actor_Nikhil bhayya acting #Keshava

#HappyBirthdaySachin‏ @megaloyalfans

Superb 1st half Terrific Screenplay BGM kuda Bagundi @actor_Nikhil kummesavu bhaiya #Keshava

Movie Reviews‏ @Movie_reviewws

#keshava super first half..interval scene is peaks.. @actor_Nikhil intense performance is highlight of the mve..Waiting for the 2nd half..


#keshava what a movie terrific from starting to more block buster for @actor_Nikhil !!

Ruthvik Rao‏ @Ruthvik_Rao

#Keshava 1 Time Watchable, Decent Movie With 1 Nenokadine Twist , No Wow Factor n Not Boring Either

Sandeep b‏ @SandeepBhumula

@actor_Nikhil Nice plot ..1st half is too good .. worth 15$.. #bgm is a huge plus .. #KeshavaOnMay19th Kudos to #Keshava team..sure a hit.

Cinema Maya‏ @cinemamaya

#Keshava - exciting first half. reasonable second half. not a routine movie. good effort. one time watch.

Varun Kilaru‏ @varunkilaru

#keshava - Good screenplay but d choice of style over emotion makes one nonchalant.. Sad! Rithu and Kishore Nikhil - Cinematography

HarRish vadlamudi‏ @vadlamudih

@vennelakishore done with #Keshava. U did well.. next time don't forget helmet. Super#acting @actor_Nikhil @sudheerkvarma one more different script. Nice movie.. you killed it #Keshava.. waiting for next chapter

Telugu360‏ @Telugu360

#Keshava 1st half is very good. A Serial killer, Murder(s) investigation has been dealt in engaging way. For its genre, successful so far Very short 50 mins 2nd half is slight disappointing with many cinematic liberties, lesser grip over narration #Keshava+ves: Gr8 visuals , engaging suspenseful 1st half ,Good comedy -ve : Genre limits B.0 performance, Too short duration,Plot derails halfway

Gopal Alapati‏ @gopal_alapati

First Half aindi.. good so far. Comedy kuda ba work out aindi.. Student ga @vennelakishore #Keshava @sudheerkvarma After a Good first half, Second half was a disappointment. #Keshava

Censor Reports‏ @CensorReports

#Keshava -U/A-116m + Screenplay + Twists + Hunting BGM + "Hot" lead female roles - lag in 2nd half - thoroughly seriousness 3/5 -Abv avg

Lab Reports‏ @Inside_Infos

3.25/5 #Keshava Positives : screenplay, bgm, intervalbang Career best performance from 'nikhil'

Laxman Anishetty‏ @laxman_219

#Keshava slow paced and predictable movie...last twist better undadam valla avg movie anipinchindi

Kirthi‏ @BANDLA7

#Keshava good first half... #Keshava photography and background music very good. congrats all. Very good movie.Nikhil screenplay photography music and direction #Keshava very serious revenge movie.. with very good twists to keep audience engaging..#music #photography .. with good comedy..