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Artistes perform during the unveiling ceremony of the FIFA U-17 World Cup Trophy at Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium in KochiIANS/PIB

Although the normal capacity of the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Kochi is 75,000 on paper, for an Indian Super League (ISL) match, the total accommodation had been limited to 60,000. With the Fifa Under-17 World Cup 2017 starting in two days, some reports claim that the seating capacity will be further lowered.

While currently, the capacity is limited to 41,000, for the tournament starting on Saturday, October 6, the figure is said to be brought down even further for security reasons, as per local reports on Wednesday.

Elaborate security arrangments have been made and guidelines made by the Local Organising Committee (LOC) are so strict that the headcount for the U-17 World Cup has been brought down to just about 32,000!

The stadium capacity break-up for the FIFA U-17 World Cup matches

  • Spectator attendance: 29,000
  • Security personnel: 3,000

The big question that remains now is what happens to the plethora of fans who bought their tickets for the sensational first match of the tournament in the stadium between Brazil and Spain. The tickets for the match, which was supposed to have a spectator attendance figure of 41,000, have already been sold out.

With the number almost halved now, it needs to be seen how the organisers will address the crowd that already bought the tickets.

Meanwhile, the extension of Kochi metro from the JLN Stadium to the Maharaja's College Ground, just days before the start of the tournament comes as a major fillip to football fans in Kerala. Traffic congestion, therefore, won't be an issue anymore.

Fixtures info: JLN Stadium, Kochi

Oct 7 Brazil vs Spain 5 pm IST
  DPR Korea vs Niger 8 pm IST
Oct 10 Spain vs Niger 5 pm IST
  DPR Korea vs Brazil 8 pm IST
Oct 13 Guinea vs Germany 5 pm IST
  Spain vs DPR Korea 8 pm IST
Oct 18 R16 8 pm IST
Oct 22 QF 5 pm IST