Osama Bin Laden
Reporter Live

Kerala police on Thursday, May 2, seized a car in Kollam for affixing the photo of dreaded terrorist Osama bin Laden on its rear side. Even though the car is registered in West Bengal, the owner of the vehicle is a man from Pallimukku, Kollam.

It was a local resident who alerted the police a few days back about a car that frequently reaches Kollam with a photo of Osama. The local resident had also given photographs of the car to the police.

Considering this issue as a matter of national security, the police soon started the investigation, and the car was seized by officers at Iravipuram police station from Kollam town. During the time of the arrest, a newlywed couple was there in the car, and upon questioning, they revealed that the car was rented for private use from a man in Pallimukku.

Police later asked the vehicle owner to appear in the police station, and during the time of questioning, he revealed that he bought the car from a man in West Bengal.

In the meantime, a team of National Investigation Agency (NIA) has also kickstarted an investigation about this car. In the wake of the Sri Lankan bomb blasts, NIA is considering this issue very seriously, and they are apparently worried to know the rising number of terrorist sympathizers in the nation, especially in Kerala.

A few days back, the National Investigation Agency had arrested a man named Riyas Aboobacker from Muthalamada, Palakkad. It has been learned that Riyas got attracted to extreme religious beliefs a couple of years back, and he had even communicated with terrorists involved in Sri Lankan blasts. The 29-year-old man was apparently acting as per the instructions from another Keralite who joined the ISIS in Syria a couple of years back.

As per reports, Riyas was planning to conduct a series of blasts in the state, and this news came as a real shocker for people in Muthalamada, a very small village, about 30 kilometres from Palakkad town in Central Kerala.