Aiming to demolish child pornography and trafficking, the Kerala police have been on a searching spree over the past few weeks all across the state. And now, fresh reports suggest that police have lodged 39 cases against 16 people in Kerala for alleged connections with child pornography. 

Pedophilia and child pornography

Watching or circulating child pornography is a grave offense in India. However, using virtual private networks and several other advanced tools, there is a section of people who watch these videos on the internet. 

child abuse
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According to reports, Kerala police raided nearly 500 locations last week to identify and nab people who circulate sexually abusive material on children on social media platforms and cyberspace in general. 

Shockingly, most of the people who were arrested were young teens and techies. 

Devices seized, accused's have links to child trafficking

Police sources revealed that over 250 devices were seized in connection with child pornography in the state. Investigation officers also stated that the arrested people have alleged links with child trafficking rackets

A few years back, Kerala police had conducted a similar operation named 'Big Daddy', aimed at curbing the activities of child traffickers in the state. Following the operation, police officers headed by Sreejith IPS arrested Kiss of Love activists including a model and her husband.