Resmi R Nair

Resmi R Nair has been one of the most controversial figures in Kerala since she was arrested along with her husband Rahul Pasupalan in an alleged sex trafficking case around four years ago. The self-proclaimed model, who was also a prominent figure in the Kiss of Love movement, has now triggered another controversy by sharing online the number of Shajan Skaria, a veteran journalist who runs the Malayalam online news portal 'Marunadan Malayali'. After sharing his number online, she outlandishly claimed that Shajan is her manager, and people who need her can contact him.

An act against independent journalism

The mobile number soon went viral on online platforms, and Shajan Skariah started receiving thousands of phone calls from people all across the world, asking Resmi R Nair's rate for one night.

In an exclusive talk with International Business Times, India, Shajan revealed that he has received more than 2,500 calls as of now, and most of them were from 'sexually starved' Keralites who wish to spend a night with Resmi R Nair. He also added that all the people who called him were ready to pay a whopping sum of money in return for sex, something illegal as per Indian laws.

"It all started when one of Marunadan Malayali's journalists published a story about the so-called female activists who strip on social media platforms in the name of women empowerment. In the story, we also referred to Resmi R Nair's name, who is now out on bail in the sex trafficking case that shook Kerala. Soon after the story appeared on our page, Resmi, in some of her telegram groups, shared my number and claimed that they can contact me for her services. From then on, my mobile phone had no rest, and until now, I have received more than 2,500 calls; all asking for sexual services from Resmi. I am pretty sad to say that most of the people were aged between 20 to 25, and I feel amazed to know that Kerala youth is so sexually starved," said Shajan Skariah.

Resmi R Nair

Shajan Skariah, who is also a law expert, said that all the activities organized by Resmi using modern-day social media applications are purely illegal. 

The journalist also revealed that he will fight against Resmi for operating this business, as well as for making his days hellish by sharing his number to customers who are in need of sex.

Endorsed no brands, but still a model

Resmi R Nair calls herself a model, but our investigations reveal that she has never endorsed any well known brands, and all she has done is posting semi-nude pictures on social media platforms like Facebook. However, during the early stages of her career, she had become the first contestant from India to be selected for the Miss Social contest of international fashion magazine

Later, she became a noted figure in Kerala after she along with her husband Rahul Pasupalan became the mouthpiece of 'Kiss of Love', a movement aimed to curb moral policing in Kerala. While flying high in the skies of fame, one sudden day, a team led by Sreejith IPS arrested Resmi R Nair and Rahul Pasupalan in an alleged sex trafficking case.

After the arrest, Sreejith IPS, in a press conference had revealed that people arrested in this case, with the help of a Facebook page named 'Kochu Sundarikal' (Little Beauties), had advertised sexual services, and they even allegedly tried to traffick minor girls. 

Later, an alleged telephone call recording of Resmi's husband Rahul Pasupalan surfaced online. At one point in time, the person on phone can be heard saying that the rate of Resmi R Nair for one night is rupees one lakh, and later finalising the rate at Rs 80,000. However, the authenticity of this audio clip still remains unclear. Resmi Nair had strongly denied the accusation once she got bail after spending several months in prison. 

Left fellow travellers? 

The model and kiss of love campaigner is widely touted to be a strong CPI(M) supporter, and she has been proclaiming left ideologies through her Facebook page since she came out on bail. However, it is still unclear whether Resmi R Nair or her husband Rahul Pasupalan have a party membership. Many critics of Resmi believe that Resmi is supporting the Left on Facebook for diverting the sex trafficking case, which is still under trial, in her favour.

Pasupalan and friends had earlier alleged that the 'right-wing' media was harassing them after they led the Kiss of Love campaign.

The couple's latest tiff with the media comes after Marunadan Malayali unearthed social media accounts the model has been using for selling her own nude images for money. While this activity may well be illegal, Resmi Nair also breached limits by sharing the mobile number of the newspaper editor who published a story on her claiming that he's her 'manager'. In the event, phone numbers of hundreds of 'sex seekers' were dumped online as well. 

Note: The original story has been edited to highlight Resmi's denial and the ambivalence over alleged audio clip of Pasupalan.