The alleged involvement of "Kiss of Love" activists in an online sex racket was exposed by the admin of the Facebook page, "Sexually Frustrated Mallu".

On Wednesday, Rahul Pasupalan and his wife Resmi Nair were arrested on charges of running a sex racket through online websites. Six others were also held in Operation Big Daddy led by DIG S Sreejith.

The couple was allegedly using a Facebook community page called "Kochusundarikal" carrying paedophilic pictures, which was reported by the admin of "Sexually Frustrated Mallu". The gang operated by placing online ads that showed images of children, especially girls.

"All digital evidence to nail the arrested are with us. All of them will be produced before a magistrate soon," a police official told IANS.

The "Kiss of Love" organisers had earlier restricted the couple from participating in their events. Rahul and Resmi were also not invited for the first anniversary of the November 2014 protest at Marine Drive in Kochi that took place earlier this month.

The "Kiss of Love" campaign, which was organised to protest the moral policing by some of the Hindutva outfits, had gained support across the country. Similar events were held in other cities like Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

The Facebook page, "Sexually Frustrated Mallu", was also created around the same time in November 2014 with an aim to expose cyber abusers who posted lewd remarks on Facebook and Twitter profiles of celebrities. 

The page had revealed Facebook users who abused several celebrities, including TV anchor Ranjini Haridas, Malayalam actress Rachana Narayanankutty and "Kiss of Love" activist Arundhathi B Nalukettil.