Representational Image: Woman Abuse/Pixabay

A group of plus two students studying in SMHS Higher Secondary School, Patharam in Kerala have put up some flex boards beside their educational institution to welcome juniors, which is not new but shockingly, the message on them is different this time aimed at girl students.

An open rape threat

Displaying a printed image of Johnny Sins, a popular porn actor, one of the flex boards contains a message threatening the girls that they (senior students) are experts in raping and forced sex. The plus two students studying in this school are mostly between the age of 15 and 16.

"We will break your diaphragm if you people cross the limit," one of the messages in Malayalam read. Another said, "If you are not loyal to us, beware, there are rape experts among us."

The images of the flex boards were first shared by Sarath SR, a teacher by profession. The teacher urged the authorities to give protection to the junior students, and he also asked the management to take necessary action against the senior students who had installed these flex boards.

The images gained attention on social media after one journalist, Sujith Chandran, shared it. 

As the image of the flex boards went viral, social media activists have started criticizing the students stating that they are a shame to the whole student community in the nation. They even blame social media groups like 'Fan Fight Club' for triggering such malicious mindset among teenagers.

Kerala Youth losing track?

Interestingly, most of the teenagers who are commenting under the flex boards are trying to justify the intention behind the installation of these rape threat boards near their schools. Such welcome boards are meant for fun, and there is nothing offensive about this, they stated.

Under the Kerala Prohibition of Ragging Act 1998, students who installed these flex boards may face punishment including suspension and dismissal. Police can also file cases suo moto against these students on charges of making open rape threat.

Flex boards removed

After media outlets published this news, a group of people apparently tore down the flexes. However, it is still unclear whether the school management has taken any action against the students involved in the installation of these flex boards. Today morning, protests were conducted in front of the school in the leadership of KSU. 

In the meantime, activists in Kerala have taken their social media handles to lash out against the students who indulged in such a heinous verbal diarrhea on flex boards.

'Kiss of Love' leader and a popular activist Resmi R Nair urged student political parties like SFI interfere in the issue so that students will be guided in the right path.