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As Kerala faces the humiliation of all time due to the recent honour killing of a young Dalit Christian youth, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has shown unflinching audacity to justify a failed policing system.

Instead of extending condolences to the deceased's family, he was busy criticizing the media outlets for exposing the truth. Calling media people intolerant, Vijayan showed no hesitation to utter blatant lies in front of the cameras.

There was a crime, there was a victim, and there is a punishment

In the recent incident which happened in Kerala, the direct victim is Kevin Joseph, the 23-year-old Dalit Christian who lost his life just because he fell in love with a girl from an upper-class Christian family. Kevin married Nina four days back, and due to constant threats, he sent his wife to a hostel. In the meantime, a group of thugs allegedly led by DYFI leader Niyaz and Nina's brother Shanu kidnapped Kevin, and a day later, his dead body was found abandoned in a Thenmala water body.

However, the day before Kevin's body was found, his wife Nina and father Rajan had approached the Gandhi Nagar police station to file a complaint. But unfortunately, the police who are responsible to regulate law and order in the state refused to accept the complaint, and the sub-inspector (SI) even threatened Kevin's wife. The station house officer even talked to the people who kidnapped Kevin.

The sub-inspector also informed Nina that he is busy giving security to the Chief Minister who was visiting Kottayam on that day. Interestingly, when the media people asked Pinarayi Vijayan about this, he lied and told that he has a special team to look after his security.

Later, media outlets in Kerala exposed the duty charts of police officers for that day, and it was revealed that sub-inspector of Gandhi Nagar Police station was responsible for giving security to the CM.

Kevin is a direct victim, but there are many indirect victims of this crime. Nina, the 20-year-old woman who became a widow just because of the failure of our system. Kevin's parents, the poor souls who lost their son unexpectedly due to the inefficiency of our police department.

Are only the family members of Nina who directly took part in the crime guilty? No. From the SI of Gandhinagar Police Station to the honourable Chief Minister who handles the home affairs of the state are equally responsible for this heinous homicide.

How is Pinarayi Vijayan responsible?

The answer for this query is very simple; Pinarayi Vijayan is the home minister of Kerala. From the lockup murder case of Sreejith to this honour killing of Kevin, the much-celebrated police department in Kerala has proved that they are a team of Khaki-clad criminals who are not dedicated to ensuring the law and order in the state.

After some days, Pinarayi Vijayan's government may give financial aid and a job for Nina. But will that end the agony of the deceased family? As a chief minister, can Pinarayi assure that such incidents will not happen in the state again? Is he capable to control the violent acts of police in the state?

Media, the fourth pillar of Indian democracy has the right to ask questions; no matter it is the Indian prime minister or the Kerala chief minister. If a people's representative feels hesitant to answer the questions from the media, democracy ends, and from the very next moment, the reign of fascism begins.

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