Kerala Finance Minister TM Thomas Isaac's daughter Sarah is getting married in New York on Friday, Aug. 12. The minister, who got divorced from his wife Nata Duvvury 20 years ago, announced about his daughter's wedding through his latest Facebook post on Tuesday, Aug. 9.

Sarah, who is doing PhD in sociology at the New York University, will be marrying Max, who is also a student at the same university, where he is pursuing a masters degree in public health.

"My daughter Sarah's wedding will take place in New York on Friday, August 12. She will be getting married to Max, who is pursuing master degree in public health at New York University. He is one of the student activists who has protested against Iraq war and is now interested to deal with the issues of housing issues. His mother Dr. Anita Grossman is an history professor at Cooper Union University and his father Dr. Frank Mecklenburg is the research director and chief archivist at Leo Baeck Institute [translated from Malayalam]," Thomas Isaac posted on his social media page.

"I have few friends who say about my communist double standard as my daughter is settled in the U.S. Let me make it clear, I got divorced with my wife 20 years ago and my daughters were staying abroad with their mother since their childhood. Regretfully, I say that my role in their education and bringing them up was minimal," Thomas added.

Sarah is doing her doctoral research on car manufacturing labourers in Tamil Nadu, Haryana and Gujarat at the New York University. Through the latest Facebook post, the finance minister has also stated about the conditions of the labourers in Gujarat and Chennai.

Thomas, who will be in New York for a few days, mentioned that he will also visit the Eisenhower Presidential in Kansas city for 2-3 days to find a few documents on Kerala during the period of 1957-59. "I would be happy if any of my Facebook friends can help me with it," he added.