A 69-year-old nun was found dead in a pool of blood inside the Lisieux Carmelite Convent in Pala in Kerala's Kottayam district on Thursday morning. The police have not ruled out the possibility of murder.

The deceased was identified as sister Amala. Police said that the nun had deep wounds on the head, apparently caused by a blunt object.

The nun, who led a retired life for the last few days, was suffering from fever but was a regular at the morning mass. On Thursday, when she failed to turn up for the mass, the convent authorities came looking for her.

At the scene, they found the door ajar, while sister Amala was lying in a pool of blood, according to the police. Police sources told Manorama Online that prima facie evidence suggest that it could be a case of robbery gone wrong and are investigating it accordingly.

The Indian Express report raised doubts on the theory that it was a robbery bid as "the room did not show any indications of a tussle with another person".

The police source told the Indian Express: "A thief need not target her as the nuns do not keep huge amount [of money or jewellery] with them. The room in which she was found dead was not locked from inside. Nuns staying in the nearby rooms did not notice anything suspicious until they saw her body."