In the wake of numerous reports surfacing, rumour has it that few well-known celebrities might be arrested or questioned in connection with the abduction and alleged molestation of the South Indian actress that happened on February 17, 2017.

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Malayalam actor Dileep's connection with the case surfaced since the beginning, and now, his close friend and business partner Nadhirshah and wife Kavya Madhavan are also said to be involved in the case. The previous week, investigators had raided Kavya's online boutique for two days to find the memory card containing the visuals of the abducted actress. They checked bank payments as well as business records. The raid was based on a letter purportedly written by Suni addressing to Dileep in which he had mentioned about visiting a certain "madam's" shop in Kakkanad. 

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Latest reports also suggest that Kavya's mother Syamala will be questioned soon by investigators based on the evidence they received. It is said that Dileep's mother-in-law handles the financial dealings of Kavya's shop Laksyah.

Dileep, Kavya Madhavan, Nadhirshah, Syamala Madhavan, Bhavana, bhavana case
The names of Dileep, Nadhirshah, Kavya Madhavan and her mother Syamala Madhavan surface in connection to the abduction case of Kerala actress.Facebook

Dileep and Nadhirshah are also expected to be called again due to the contradictory statements they gave during the 13-hour-long interrogation that happened at Aluva Police Club on June 28.

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Meanwhile, Kerala DGP Loknath Behera has stated that the investigation is heading on the right track and necessary arrests will happen if the investigators get substantial evidence. The investigating team will decide on the arrests. However, when a reporter asked about the involvement of a police officer against the arrest of Dileep and Nadhirshah, Behera replied: "No comments."