The abduction and alleged molestation case of a South Indian actress has now taken a new turn as the statements of Jinson, the jail inmate of Pulsar Suni, are out. According to Jinson, Suni had contacted mimicry artiste-director Nadhirshah, a close friend and business partner of actor Dileep, using a mobile phone inside the prison.

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Reports suggest that the prime accused had contacted Nadhirshah at least three times, and one of the calls with a duration of almost eight minutes. Jinson has also stated that Suni was heard talking about the payment and on handing over "something" (memory card) at Dileep's wife and actress Kavya Madhavan's shop in Kakkanad.

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It has to be noted that Nadhirshah and Dileep were interrogated for over 13 hours at the Police Club in Aluva on June 28 after the director filed a complaint on receiving blackmail calls from Pulsar Suni and his gang.

Dileep, Nadhirshah, Bhavana case, pulsar suni
Dileep, Nadhirshah and Pulsar SuniFacebook

"A person, who is said to be Pulsar Suni's friend, once called me to say that he needs to meet me to talk something personal. I disconnected the call and called him back from my friend phone to record the conversation. He said that Dileep is being targeted even though he is innocent in the case. He even listed the names of few celebs who is said to have alleged Dileep's involvement in the case [translated from Malayalam]," Nadhirshah had earlier told reporters after filing the police complaint.

Police have also tracked Suni's call records from November 2016 till February 2017, and he is said to have frequently contacted four numbers, who had contacted Dileep's manager Appuni as well. However, in his latest statement, Appuni reportedly claimed that it was Dileep who made those calls from his phone.

Meanwhile, latest reports also suggest that the duo might be questioned again due to the contradictory statements by Nadhirshah. Also, after Dileep claimed that he has no idea on who Pulsar Suni is, a few photos and videos from the shooting location of the actor's recent release Georgettan's Pooram have been leaked online, showing the accused there.

Dileep, Bhavana case, Georgettan's Pooram, Pulsar Suni
Dileep in Georgettan's Pooram.Dileep/Facebook