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We can't believe Kendall Jenner is trying that look for real. Apparently, Kendall Jenner asked herself a question that every woman has asked herself at least once (or many, many times in her life): to get bangs, or not to get bangs?

The model posted a photo and two videos of herself with some piece-y new bangs, and asked her fans whether she should keep them or not.

"Yes, no, maybe so?" she wrote, soliciting the internet's opinion on her potential new look. Commenters seem split, so Jenner will have to decide for herself which side wins out. (Some also noted that she looks more like her mom Kris Jenner with the hairdo, particularly in her last video.)

This is not the first time Jenner has tried bangs out. During the 2015 American Music Awards, she wore clip-on bangs with her updo and made headlines for the look then too.

Kendall Jenner
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"The Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star recently bared it all for Vogue, but we have to say that this new look of hers might raise more eyebrows. This is something new, while Kendall Jenner going bare for a photo shoot is part of her job description. And as a leading name in fashion, Kendall Jenner endorsing bans could do a lot for the arguably embattled look that always seems to have people divided. Kendall Jenner looks good and she knows it, she can pull off any look.

Now, trying out new looks is nothing new for the model, but we have to say she does pull off the look quite well. You can check out the pic here:

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yes, no, maybe so?

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