Kee Movie Review
Jiiva's Kee.PR Handout

Jiiva's much-delayed movie Kee is finally seen the light of the day on Friday, 10 April. The movie is written and directed by debutant Kalees, a former associate of noted filmmaker Selvaraghavan.

Nikki Galrani, who had earlier worked with Jiiva in Kalakalappu 2, has romanced the actor in Kee. Anaika Soti, RJ Balaji, Rajendra Prasad, Suhasini, Manobala, Meera Krishnan and others are in the cast. The film has Vishal Chandrasekhar's music, Abinandhan Ramanujam's cinematography and Kalaivanan's editing.

Kee is a techno thriller in which Jiiva plays the role of a college student named Siddharth, but known for his hacking skills. Nikki Galrani is his love interest, while Anaika Soti will be seen in he role of a journalist.

Kee tries to explore the negative side of technology. The movie tries to throw light on how people's addiction to social media sites is impacting our day-to-day activities and about the way our minds, fingers and algorithms are connected to our lives. The sensitive topic will be dealt without preachy.

Hype: The movie has created a lot of buzz with its trailer. With techno thrillers gaining popularity among the audience in the recent years, people, obviously, have pinned high hopes on the flick. Will it live up to the viewers' expectations?

The audience are giving Mixed Reviews for the movie. The film partially entertains the audience with comedy, but disappoints due to below-average writing. Forced songs and unwanted sentiments play spoilsport, say netizens. Check it out in their words below:

S Abishek: There is a scene in #kee where an actor talks about appa paasam. Tha, kulingu kulingu azhudhen
Forever, any film or a scene that connects me and my father, I am just gonna tear out like a baby.
Missing my naina.
In shock. Didn't expect #Kee to be this good.
There were certain weak scenes, but be it d edit pattern or d shot division or d kind of high concepts being told, this 1 is a fresh breath of air 4 @Actorjiiva and also is.
Now all decked up for 2nd half.
Way to go @kalees_dir

Christopher Kanagaraj: #Kee - Jiiva's wait for success continues.
None of d scenes create any impact, Serious scenes look funny. GP is smart, but no scope to perform. Abrubt editing, worst songs, flat comedies, unwanted sentiments, no logics. Core idea is interesting, but execution fails. Not Worth!

 M I C H A E L 63 : ST #Kee . 1st half over , The movie is quite interesting and presented very new . @Actorjiiva looks very fresh . Comedies work in places . Enjoying the core plot as it is never shown or discussed in tamil cinema before . @nikkigalrani is the saving grace . She looks stunning

Sidhu: #Kee: Interesting ideas put together in a commercial format that shines in parts. The techie parts are really cool and should connect with the youth, but the rest of the film could have done with better writing. Decent upmarket thriller.
#Kee Interval: Moving on decently. Whenever the film gets all techy, it is interesting. There's even a #2Point0-like chaos sequence which has been the best scene so far. The other elements like the comedy and romance don't work, with Nikki as a loosu ponnu.

Review Ram: An interesting idea let down by terrible execution. Filled with all sorts of stupidity in the name of commercial package. @Actorjiiva's worst film in recent times. Totally disappointed‍♂
#Kee - Interval - Core idea is good. Villain has done a decent job. Apart from a couple of scenes, literally nothing works out. No detailing for hacking portions. Keep us irritated in love & comedy scenes and emotional sequences are a joke. Needless glamour too.
so far.

Logesh Sundarraj: #Kee decent movie thriller 2nd haf filled with interesting moments & twist was good, last 40 mins so exciting scenes with hero & villain. Ending credits give the tagline for #Kee2 wishes to entire team @Actorjiiva @nikkigalrani @RJ_Balaji @kalees_dir @padmasoorya
#Kee 1st half done with fun, sentiments & some interesting elements. Good vfx, sound effects, cinematography, awesome bgm. Waiting for the 2nd half @Actorjiiva @nikkigalrani @RJ_Balaji @kalees_dir @padmasoorya @AbinandhanR

Sree Nandhu ツ: #Kee 1st Half each and every frame sethikifying for Thalaivar❤ semma stylish , Technology speaks q lot @Actorjiiva @nikkigalrani C++ programming goes full of laughter @nikkigalrani @RJ_Balaji as always full fill his fans asai

Ashameera Aiyappan: I'm still searching for words that can describe how problematic and bad #Kee was. There's not even one scene that's good enough or without issues. Extremely disappointed.