Nivin Pauly's first look from Kayamkulam Kochunni out
The first look of Nivin Pauly's Kayamkulam Kochunni is out.PR Handout

Director Rosshan Andrrews' Malayalam movie Kayamkulam Kochunni, starring Nivin Pauly, Mohanlal, Priyanka Thimmesh and Sunny Wayne, has received positive review and rating from the audience.

Kayamkulam Kochunni is an epic period film and Bobby and Sanjay have written the script and dialogues for the movie, which has been produced by Gokulam Gopalan under his banner Sree Gokulam Movies. The flick has received a U certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.23 hours.

Kayamkulam Kochunni story: The movie is based on the life of Kayamkulam Kochunni, who was a famed highwayman, who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor during the British Raj in the early 19th century Central Travancore. The film chronicles the life and times of the legendary 19th-century highwayman, and how he rose from his humble beginnings to become a timeless folk hero.

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Kayamkulam Kochunni movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' reaction on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to see the audience' response.

Martin N Joseph‏ @mnj993

#KayamkulamKochunni - Impressive first half with a terrific interval block. Good performance from @NivinOfficial and all the supporting cast. Technically rich in all aspects and great production values. Waiting for the #PakkiSwag in the next half. @Mohanlal ❤

T mIsFiT‏ @CinemaLover16

#KayamkulamKochunni Gud 1st half. 2nd half is ok.towards t end it ws unconvincin. Bt general audience will like t climax i guess. a gud BO run for 2 weeks I feel Mohanlal Cameo Nivin pauly is good in parts, not fully convincing tho,he has given his all in action scenes

Vishnu Narayanan‏ @NarayananVI

An average first half ends with the intro of @Mohanlal. Rosshan took a good one hour to tell #KayamkulamKochunni's young life. Not many exciting moments, a bit lagging. @NivinOfficial is holding the character well. @PriyaAnand is charming. Waiting for the second half.

Edwin Zacharia‏ @EdwinZacharia2

#KayamkulamKochunni except for some portion in the 2nd half and middle of 1st half. Film is a treat to watch. Bgm, lalettan, nivin, babu qntony, sunny wayne everyone has performed very well.

Amaljith‏ @AmaljithJithu

#KayamkulamKochunni First half ends with the electrifying entry of #IthikkaraPakki #Lalettan .. waiting for Theriffic scenes #KayamkulamKochunni A decent first half followed by a nice second half and a neat climax.. Screenplay could've been more gripping.. watch out for the Teriffic pre-interval block..entry of pakki and the best 25mins of movie.. Nivin is good as kochunni.. #Lalettan Mass 3.25/5

Th@l@p@thy sarkar‏ @Kiran1834959643

#KayamkulamKochunni Good first half followed by an average seconf half climax is good..kochunni character is potrayed nicely but lacks thrilling moments #lalettan portions was the highlight..good vfx Overall an once watchable flick but couldnt live upto the expectations✌️#KayamkulamKochunni #Lalettan #PakkiSwag is the pulse of movie..when he goes the pulse drops...nivin tried his best but screenplay was a big letdown in second half..doubtful whether it can recover the investment

SmartBarani‏ @SmartBarani

#KayamkulamKochunni a good first half followed by average 2nd half .. technically it's good in all aspects .. good research in story ... screenplay and BGM is good.. felt a bit lag in second half .. but overall it's a good movie .. worth a watch 3.25/5

Anandxp‏ @anandxp

#KayamkulamKochunni is worth watching. First half is for setting the plot and second half for action. @NivinOfficial at his maximum. Good performance from @SunnyWayn #BabuAntony Had good potential to become a blockbuster. Dont expect too many mass scenes.#xprating 3.5/5

Rahul Shaji Rj‏ @Rahulrj_offl

#KayamkulamKochunni First Half • Background score, visuals • Decent acting by nivin and priya anand • 2 songs in firsthalf , one is good • Babu antony and sunny wayne • Interval block and intro of ithikkarappakki theatre response • Overall decent first half

PJ Arun Ngl‏ @PJ__Tweets

#KayamkulamKochunni watchable 1st half.. visuals sooperb.. pre interval lalettan entry heavy.. pwolichu #KayamkulamKochunni 30mins passed.. not bad so far.. nivin intro with lalettan voice ...

Abhiram Sidharthan‏ @abhiraamsid1

#KayamkulamKochunni half time Maintains a flow #PakkiSwag Interval block Lookn forward 2nd half

unni‏ @unnilalettan

ഇജ്ജാതി സ്ക്രീൻ പ്രസൻസ് Pure goosebumps for the pre interval and first minutes of Second Half..!!! The #PakkiSwag ufffffffffffff #kayamKulamKochunni #Mohanlal #IthikkaraPakki

Jaseel Muhammed‏ @JaseelMuhamme12

#kayamKulamKochunni Halftime Good First Half With L Swag Interval Block Surprise performance from @NivinOfficial All Eyes On Scond Half #kayamKulamKochunni! Splendid Treat Sure @NivinOfficial At His Best Swag Level = #ithikkarapakki What A Appearance Well Made Entertainer By Roshan Worth Watch Go for It

Prasadc‏ @Prasadc911

#Kayamkulamkochunni first half over bit slow till now, but the storm is brewing up @Mohanlal is a class apart. @NivinOfficial has put in a lot of effort.

Vyshnav gs‏ @vyshnav_gs

#KayamkulamKochunni First half -engaging so far..Terrific intro before interval -ittikkara pakki....wat a change over...#Mohanlal

●• A в н ι յ ι т н ツ •●‏ @AbhijithSS4u

മരണമാസ്സ് ഇന്റര്‍വെല്‍ ഓഫ് 2018 !!! ലാലേട്ടന്‍ !!! #KayamkulamKochunni First Half ■ Above Average - Good First Half with Marana Masss Interval !!! #PakkiSwag #KayamkulamKochunni

Deepu‏ @ShajanDeepu

#KayamkulamKochunni Interval - decent so far with a bang on interval scene.. All in the second half then...

Snehasallapam‏ @snehasallapam

An above average first half for #KayamkulamKochunni... Started in slow pace & interesting towards internal portion... Nivin done his best.. 2 songs with some action sequences.. @Norafatehi Terrific response for Mohanlal's stunning intro... Theatre erupted... Pure goosebumps..

Forum Keralam (FK)‏ @Forumkeralam1

#KayamkulamKochunni First Half is impressive with good making.Lot of study and detailing has gone into the atmosphere which is pulled off with great efforts from the technical side. Nivin is convincing and the rest of the roles are well casted and yes the Phenomenon @Mohanlal steps in the right time backed off with a stellar bg score from Gopi Sundar, #IthikkaraPakki #KayamkulamKochunni Review: An above average film which relies mostly on the technical side and aesthetic part with flaws in writing post intermission. Watchable for the efforts and detailing gone into the making !! #KayamkulamKochunni Second half lacks the demanded emotional depth resulting in a mediocre impact though portions involving Pakki & Climax are fine. Top notch technical side including action blocks and Vfx covering up flaws to an extent. #KayamkulamKochunni Bobby Sanjay's adaptation of the history is Okay but its Roshan Andrews who gives the film the much needed grandeur and richness using his proficient team right from Binod Pradhan to Gopi Sundar.

Friday Matinee‏ @VRFridayMatinee

#KayamkulamKochunni Interval - @Mohanlal 's intro is pure Kickass It has took some time to getting into the stuffs.Techinical Side Waiting for 2nd half #KayamkulamKochunni - @NivinOfficial has put in all efforts for Kochunni.@Mohanlal 's introduction scene is the best scene of the movie with a breezy bgm.@PriyaAnand did justice to her lead Actress role . @SunnyWayn and #BabuAntony has done a commendable job. #KayamKulamKochunni: Director Roshan Andrews has tried his best but missed any wow Factors or goosebumb scenes.Writers could have done a better study. Technical Side was top notch Bgm was good whereas songs are Average. Watchable to an Extent !


Strictly Average First Half Ended With A Massive Interval Block Of #Lalettan 's Intro ; Few Making Mistakes, Nivin Pauly Hugely Suffering ; Unwanted Item Song Makes irritating The Audience -#KayamkulamKochunni #SK #SKreviews #Mohanlal #NivinPauly

Cine Maniac‏ @Cinemamanics

#KayamkulamKochunni Firsthalf:- An above Average Firsthalf with neat direction from #RosshanAndrews . Some shot and frames are extraordinary Neat Performance from #NivinPauly . Electrifying Response for #lalettan entry Interval

Cinemas Planet‏ @CinemasPlanet

#KayamkulamKochunni 1st half : Mass Interval Block! A treat for @Mohanlal fans. @NivinOfficial is shining as Kochunni. Superb BGM & song visuals! Lallettan 's BGM !!! Simply goosebumps 2nd half is lit already !!! @Mohanlal @NivinOfficial #KayamkulamKochunni

Forum Reelz‏ @Forumreelz

Don't Miss #Mikhayel Teaser @ #KayamkulamKochunni Interval ✌️ #HappyBirthdayNivinPauly @NivinOfficial #HaneefAdeni #KayamKulamKochunni Review : For All It's Hype Surrounding The Budget , Cast , Makers Where Able To Satisfy The Audience @NivinOfficial Did His Best Supported By Others & Show Stealing Performance From #Mohanlal & Good Climax Makes #KayamKulamKochunni Worth A Watch

Agent_kay‏ @agent_kay107

Indeed a birthday special from Nivin Pauly....Action packed movie with a great story line.A appreciable cameo by Mohanlal... Treat urself with the biggest release of 2018... RATING:3.9/5 #kochunnistorm @NivinOfficial @Mohanlal #KayamkulamKochunni

Malayalam BoxOffice‏ @malyalammovieBO

Decent 1st half Takes time to set up the characters and story Superb Pre Interval Portion. #Lalettan intro as #Ithikkarapakki rocked the theatre #NivinPauly and technically Waiting for 2nd half #KayamkulamKochunni #KayamkulamKochunni good 2nd half #NivinPauly shines with career beat perfo but #Lalettan as #Ithikkarapakki steals the show All fight sequences were good n visually amazing Well researched & directed Loose screenplay only -ve Overall, worth the wait 3.25/5

Muhammad Adhil‏ @urstrulyadhil

#KayamkulamKochunni lacked the crucial punch and emotional depth especially in the second half resulting in an extremely mixed feeling.Still the grandeur and impressive making saves from further disappointments. #KayamkulamKochunni Nivin tries his best though he looks misfit in most of the scenes while the much talked about Ithikkara Pakki was somewhat decent atleast for me.There was enough scope to elevate the character even more but Lal's screen presence works in the favor.

M'wood Updates‏ @abureload2

#KayamkulamKochunni Decent firsthalf Takes it's time to enter the core plot Interval bang was pure mass The whole Theatre erupted Song's were big let down.. don't know why M'wood depends so much on Gopy

Prince Prithvi‏ @PrincePrithvi

#KayamkulamKochunni ~ Roshan Andrews fails to deliver a complete package. Its good only in parts. Nivin Pauly good in action & @Mohanlal's cameo turned out to be the showstealer. (2.5☆/5)

Sridevi Sreedhar @sridevisreedhar

#KayamkulamKochunni review: A delicious entertainer!For the price of a ticket u get two dashing heroes @NivinOfficial & @Mohanlal performing their best Don't miss this one .

Vishnu Narayanan‏ @NarayananVI

An average first half ends with the intro of @Mohanlal. Rosshan took a good one hour to tell #KayamkulamKochunni's young life. Not many exciting moments, a bit lagging. @NivinOfficial is holding the character well. @PriyaAnand is charming. Not a satisfying watch, #KayamkulamKochunni. Maybe a better director and a solid script could've been better. Rosshan tried to do justice to the character Kochunni but many things are left out. @NivinOfficial is the backbone of the film. Wished @Mohanlal had more screen time. Sunny Wayne, Babu Antony were interesting to watch. #KayamkulamKochunni isn't a film for the mass. It's avg. Wished it could've been better. Didn't reached the level of @PrithviOfficial, @santoshsivan's Urumi and @mammukka's Pazhassi Raja. @PriyaAnand @Mohanlal @NivinOfficial