Katy Perry's behavior at Mumbai airport disappoints many
Katy Perry's behavior at Mumbai airport disappoints many.Video screengrab

International singing sensation Katy Perry was in news these days for her presence in India for her performance at One Plus Music Festival in Mumbai. While her concert was a hit, Katy left many disappointed for her "arrogant" behaviour at Mumbai airport before leaving the country.

A video has come up on social media that shows Katy and her team in a rush to enter the airport, miss out on following the security protocol. While entering the airport, Katy seemed to be in a hurry to avoid fans who were asking her for selfies. Just when she and her team were about to enter the main gate, security personnel asked her to show a passport.

Where is your passport Katy?

However, as the officer tried again to stop them, she and her team entered the gate without showing the passport or any ID card. What happened next is not known. This behaviour by the global star did not go down well with many on social media.

The video received scores of comments where people criticised her for not following the basic protocol. "That was rude...they should show the passport ....arrogance of white people," someone commented. Another wrote, "This utter disregard of airport security check should be brought to the notice of administrators". "Yes she is an international superstar but that gives her no right to disobey Indian laws and security protocols," said another.

Netizens disappointed by Katy's behaviour

A few of them also opined that the authorities would have created a ruckus if any Indian celebrity would behave that way in the US. Well, it is always good to follow the country's laws, irrespective of one's stardom. On the other side, many also praised Katy for carrying her luggage herself.


Meanwhile, Karan Johar had thrown a big bash for Katy recently. The party was attended by several B-town celebrities including Alia Bhatt, Jacqueline Fernandez, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan among others.