Katy Perry suffers wardrobe malfunction
Katy Perry suffers wardrobe malfunction.varinder Chawla

International star Katy Perry, who reached Mumbai India on Tuesday morning for her upcoming concert, suffered an oops moment while interacting with the media.

Soon after landing in the city, Katy along with Jacqueline Fernandez attended a media interaction at an event. The singing sensation looked cute in a pink outfit and sporting a pony-tail.

Katy Perry's Oops moment

Katy interacted with the media while being seated on the stage, and everything was fine until she flashed more than she intended. Her short outfit and the wrong angle ended up people sitting there get a peek at Katy's underwear, causing a wardrobe malfunction.

The global star apparently realised the goof-up and adjusted her position soon. But pictures of the oops moment were already captured by the lenses by then (We chose not to put those pics here). Nonetheless, Katy remained confident and conducted the event gracefully.

Katy Perry and Jacqueline Fernandez
Katy Perry and Jacqueline Fernandez.Varinder Chawla

Wardrobe malfunctions are common now

Wardrobe malfunctions are not uncommon in the West and not even in India. Several celebrities have till date fallen prey to such embarrassing situations. Recently, Disha Patani, who often teases her fans with highly sensuous pictures on Instagram, faced a similar situation where her think outfit ended up showing a bit too much.

The shutterbugs' camera flashlights penetrated through her black dress, giving a glimpse of her innerwear. The pictures were shared on social media and a lot of people noticed the blunder.