Katy Perry
Katy Perry will perform at the MCG

After the massive success of the 2017 World Cup in England, the popularity of women's cricket has gone through an exponential rise. Next year, Australia will host the Women's World T20 and no stone is being left unturned to make the event a landmark affair.

The organisers have roped in global pop star Katy Perry to perform, not once, but twice during the staging of the event's finale. The final match of the tournament will take place on March 8, 2020, at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

March 8 also happens to be International Women's Day. Not surprisingly, the International Cricket Counci (ICC) is planning a gala event to close the tournament which will showcase women's power. Perry will have two performances – one before the match and one after it.

But Perry's performance isn't the only big thing that would be happening that day. Another important feature of this final would be the attempt to create a new world record – that for the highest attendance for a women's sports event.

australia women's cricket
Australia are hosting next year's World T20Stu Forster/Getty

The current record is held by a football match – 1999 Women's Football World Cup final which took place at Pasadena, California. The number of attendees for that match was 90, 185. MCG hopes to welcome more viewers than that on the day of the final for next year's event.

This is where Katy Perry's presence could be important. Her star appeal may encourage even those people who are not cricket fans, or even those who are not that interested in women's cricket, to make the journey to the ground.

Speaking at the press meet where this announcement was made, the pop star said: "I'm all about celebrating equality and the achievements of women, which naturally happens on a global scale on International Women's Day. It's no coincidence that I said yes to performing live at the women's final on this day.

"I hope to bring a unifying, electric performance, playing some of my most empowering songs for the best female cricketers on the planet and some of my greatest fans, as we all unite to support gender equality and empower people to achieve everything that they desire."

Tickets for the event are already on sale through the website www.t20worldcup.com with the price ranging from $5 to $20. The opening game of the event itself promises to be a great event. The hosts will take on India at the Sydney Showground Stadium on February 21.