Katrina Kaif Aishwarya Rai

If you are in Bollywood, constantly followed by paparazzi and limelight, you are bound to get irritated. Time and again, stories of our Bollywood divas throwing tantrums, getting irritated or losing their cool have come out. While sometimes it's all justified, at other times, it just isn't. Some of the Hollywood divas take pampering and throwing tantrums to a different level. While Bollywood A-listers still haven't been able to get there, every now and then, you do come across stories which leave you stunned.

Katrina Kaif: As per first-hand accounts on Quora and a TOI report, Katrina Kaif prefers not talking to anyone while on flight. Even if she wants something or has to pass on a message, she does so by asking her secretary/managers. The same report states that once, during take-off Katrina was sleeping peacefully without putting on her seatbelts. After calling out her name several times politely, the air hostess gently touched her to wake her up in order to ask her to put on the seatbelt. Consequently, the diva allegedly lost her cool and asked the air hostess how dare she touch her. Phew!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Though the Bachchan bahu is not much of a tantrum queen, she gives the airline crew a tough time regarding the food. For Aishwarya, it is the visual look, feel and aroma of the food that makes her decide what to eat. So much so, that the airline crew have to not just name, but, show each and every item on their menu to Aishwarya and then she picks up the one which she feels looks the most visually appealing.

Well, if you are such talented stars, a little bit of tantrum is justified, right?