Kate Middleton and Prince William are one of the most adored royal couples. But ever since Princess Charlotte's birth, the royal couple's marriage has been under the scanner. There have been various reports that have suggested that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are facing major marital issues and that they are even considering separation. But then, the parents of the two would manage to hush these rumours when they appear sharing some adorable moments at public/royal events.

And now, Kate and William's Christmas card has apparently raised the same questions again. In fact, a report in Daily Mail has pointed out that maybe Duchess of Cambridge is overshadowing Prince William with her popularity and she has been looking more royal than her husband, who is second in line to the throne, in all her public appearances, including the royal family Christmas service on 25 December.

The report said that the state of royal marriage gets reflected in the Christmas cards that the royal couples chose to send. It said that cracks in Prince Charles-Princess Diana's marriage showed inevitably in their annual card and apparently, the same unease and distance is reflected in Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's Christmas card this year.

While describing Kate Middleton and Prince William's family picture on this year's card, the report highlighted that Kate along with her son George and daughter Charlotte looks all glossy and happy (like holy trinity of mother and children happily posing together), while Prince William sitting on one side, looks like a "gatecrasher" or a "spare part" in the photo. Could this be because Kate and William are going through some marital issues? asked the report.

CLICK HERE to view the photo William and Kate's Christmas card.

The report further said that Kate, who comes from a middle-class background, is more popular and looks more glamorous and confident than the royal Prince William himself, who always comes out looking uninteresting, boring and colourless in all his appearances.

Drawing a direct comparison to Prince Charles and Diana, the website said that Prince William is in a similar situation like his dad. The Duke seems like he is the one accompanying Kate to events, whereas it has to be the other way round.

Now, the report has clearly raised questions whether Kate Middleton is overshadowing Prince William with her popularity, aura and looks. And if this year's Christmas card is the proof that Kate Middleton and Prince William are actually having issues in their marriage?

Well, we don't know, but this report does make you think.