Folk-fusion artist Aabha Hanjura, a prolific artist who always strives to bring the beauty of Kashmir scenic beauty alive through her music has unveiled Khoobsurat, the first original bilingual song which is penned and composed by the singer herself. 

Themed on 'World is Beautiful', the festive song brings alive a joyful spring day amidst the vibrant hues of scenic landscapes of Kashmir.

Aabha Hanjura

Popular for marrying folk-pop music with effective storytelling in her music videos, Aabha's music stands out in the digital landscape.

Aabha Hanjura's musical journey

Aabha Hanjura started her journey into films with her song, Hukus Bukus, that was featured in No Fathers In Kashmir a critically acclaimed film directed by Oscar Nominated Director, Ashvin Kumar. Her next song 'Nundbane' (translates to 'apple of my eye' in Kashmiri) is also one of the most loved songs. 

The Bangaluru-based Kashmiri singer is happy that she is able to give back something to the Valley, a melody that people can relate to. Aabha Hanjura is on a quest to take the sounds of her homeland and her roots to a larger audience by experimenting classical folk with contemporary sounds.

In an exclusive conversation with IBTimes India, Aabha Hanjura talks about her love for Kashmiri folk songs, Bollywood actor that she would like to lend her voice to and a lot more.

Aabha hanjura

Excerpts from the interview:

Tell us about your recently released song 'Khoobusrat'?

 'Khoobsurat' is created with a fusion of unique folk instruments such as Banjo, Ukulele that are punctuated happily with accents of santoor and the upbeat tabla to create the tune and its a mix of Hindi and Kashmiri language. The song Khoobsurat talks about how beautiful the world is. 

Who was the inspiration behind your keen interest in music?

I am born and raised in Kashmir, and for me, Kashmiri folklore and music matters a lot. I am always intrigued by the land, music and culture of Kashmir. Most of my songs are writtem in Hindi, Urdu. I very very in tune with the valley, sound and always tried to promote that with my music.

Aabha Hanjura

Bollywood actor you would like to lend your voice to?

I'm a very Indie artist. Honestly, I haven't thought so much as to whom will I lend my voice to.  I guess I am open to anyone (smiles).

 You are a prolific Kashmiri folk singer what kind of genres do you listen?

I am very genre-agnostic, I love all kinds of music, from Sufi, ghazal, jazz, folk-pop, heavy-duty pop, RNB hip hop to even rock.

What is the inspiration behind Kashmiri folk song 'Hukkus Bukkus'?

My grandmother used to sing 'Hukkus Bukkus', and I loved listening to it. The song is the sound of Kashmir that transcends you into a different world altogether.  It's very spritual.

For all the ardent music lovers, watch and hear Aabhas's Kashmiri folk songs, and we bet you will fall in love instantly.

Watch the video interview below: