Model and actress Himanshi Khurana is a household name when it comes to the Punjab music industry. She has charmed the audience with her groovy numbers.

The actress was also part of the famous reality TV show, Bigg Boss 13 and wants to foray into Bollywood. Himanshi recently battled COVID-19.

In an exclusive conversation with IBTimes, Himanshi Khurana spills the beans about her back to back song releases, how she battled novel coronavirus and Bollywood dreams.

Excerpts from the interview:

Himanshi Khurana

You have had back to back releases, how does it feel?

It feels amazing. In this pandemic where every industry has taken a hit, I am getting to work after being all healthy and hearty, so yes I am grateful and blessed.

All your songs are doing well. What do you think is the reason for the success of your songs?

I think my team's hard work who put their heart and soul in it and of course the songs are sung and written so beautifully, which automatically makes them lovable by the audience. I love my fans who always appreciate and support me with every project. I feel truly blessed.

Himanshi Khurana

Any new genre that you would like to foray into?

I would love to be a part of a Bollywood project. I always love the industry and am a huge fan. I am reading a few scripts as soon as I get something exciting, I might take that up.

You have battled COVID-19, tell us about your experience as many of them still take it lightly.

It's all well by God's grace. This year has indeed been a challenging year for everyone mentally and physically. Yes, it took a lot and it was tough, but I had immense support from my family, my fans all my loved ones. With proper medical treatment and health advisory, I am good now. I want to say that fitness plays a significant role in recovery if you eat healthily and stay fit your body indeed gets prone to a speedy recovery. Undoubtedly the disease is serious. It can happen to anybody anywhere anytime. Taking it lightly is not something one should do. One must follow the rules and the norms rather than being ignorant. There are COVID-19 centres that ensure proper medical test and facility. From my experience, I can say that the after-effects are painful, like headaches and muscle aches. Therefore, take appropriate precautions. Moreover, people should maintain social distancing, wear and mask, sanitise/ wash their hands as much as possible. Stay healthy and stay safe.

Himashi Khurana

What's in the pipeline?

I am in talks for a Punjabi movie, and I am quite excited about it. I am currently not allowed to give the details on the same for now, but yes I do have many projects coming up including songs and a movie.