The young and talented model-actor Ayush Mehra has charmed us with his insanely cute looks, infectious smile and outstanding acting skills. Most of his shows and series are relatable for millennials.

He is known for his roles as a romantic, boyfriend in most of the FilterCopy videos. The actor floored us with his performance in full-fledged series Operation MBBS. Ayush is currently basking in the success of recently released show PFA season 2 (Please Find Attached season 2). 

In an exclusive chat with IBTimes, Ayush Mehra gets candid about his new show PFA S2, how he balances between work and love life, the secret to his long-lasting relationship and more.

Ayush mehra

Excerpts from the candid interview:

The series Please Find Attached season 2  (PFA) was shot amid the pandemic, were you scared to shoot looking at the ongoing scenario?

Before the shoot, I was petrified as I live with my parents. I didn't want to come home and risk them. I had a word with production and the EP (Executive Producer), they ensured that all the necessary precautions would be taken care of.  Every day before we started to shoot, our temperature and blood oxygen was checked. For a month, I, Barkha and our make up person were put up in a hotel, so that was safe.

Ayush Mehra

On the response and delay of PFA season 2

I am happy with the response as this is the first show that we shot during the pandemic and was released.  PFA was slated after MBBS on March 25, and then lockdown happened, but we didn't know it will go on till September. We started to shoot on September 20, 2020, and I am glad people love it.

Barkha and Ayush

On how the series PFA 2 (Please Find Attached series) has evolved and dealt with professional issues 

The PFA 1 was a trial; it was a mini-series, and we didn't know that we will get so much love. Then we decided to make it a full-blown series and like this a romantic show about a couple who are juggling between and work and love life. PFA 2 comes with a lot of layers in our character, and there are nuances to the way we have dealt with issues, there are a lot of troubles. Nothing is perfect, and everything is flawed. It's like an ordinary couple ka life, and I'm not an ideal lover,  Barkha's character Sanya has flaws, the show is about how we try to manage it.

ayush mehra

As you are in a relationship from the last 14 years, how do you strike a balance between her and erratic shooting schedule?

Mere life ka scene he alag hai, (My scene is very different). Every job is difficult, but there is a time you come back. But when your shooting there is no ata pata, your call time is at 7 am, and by the time it wraps up till late and then you are so tired to do anything. When you come home, you have to rehearse for the next day. In my life the, balance is not from my side, but GF's side she has been with me from the last 14 years, she understands my profession and timings. And I understand her's.  I make it up for the lost time. For instance, if I have free time, I talk to her for an hour extra, I meet her over dinner, lunch. And now with this COVID-19, we usually go for a long drive.

ayush mehra

You always play romantic roles, are you this romantic and mushy in real life?

Some characters which you play are different from you. However,  it looks perfect on-screen. There is always a take away from the characters, there are times I have taken so many things from the roles that I have essayed on-screen and applied it in my relationship,  and there are times I have taken something from my relationship and applied it on screen.  All I can say is my characters have helped me grow in my personal life for sure.

We millennials don't really take into consideration how much our mom or parents do for us, we bypass it and often take them for granted. There are certain shows and characters that I have essayed, which made me understand my mother's perceptive better.

ayush mehra

2020 is also the year of unexpected weddings. Do you plan to marry anytime soon?

Nooo, I am not thinking about marriage, I need to establish myself settled hona hai, known as banna hai. I am focusing on my career. Abhi tak toh mummy ne bhi pressurise nai Kia hai, aise sab mat float Karna ki mummy ko ideas Aaye (laughs). My mom hasn't asked me pressurised me for marriage, please don't float these questions else mom will get ideas.

Here are the first four episodes of PFA Season 2: