Anand Bhaskar is trained in Carnatic music and has picked up nuances from Hindustani classical music and collaborated in his career over the years. Apart from Indian music, he has a keen interest in international pop, rock, jazz, hip-hop, R&B and electronic music.

After working in the advertising sector for nearly a decade and facing rejections for being a voice that does not stick to the formula or caters to the current taste of music lovers, Anand started his professional music career in 2015.  

Anand Bhaskar

Currently, the proclaimed musician is basking in the success of Mirzapur. The prolific musician's voice can be heard in 'Munna Rap' and 'Raakh'.

In an exclusive conversation with IBTimes, India, Anand Bhaskar spoke about his journey in Bollywood, challenges he faced while composing for Mirzapur, his favourite character in the series and more.

Excerpts from the interview:

About his journey in Bollywood

My journey in Bollywood has just begun, I debuted with Bollywood with a playback opportunity in the film Baaghi 2. And my second song was Shabhashiyan for Amit Trivedi. All I can say is my first big project is Mirzapur, and I am overwhelmed for the response that I am getting for the show and my songs.

What was the brief given to you for Mirzapur?

There wasn't any brief given to me as such, but yes, I have followed the previous season, and I know that the story belongs to eastern UP.  I knew what kind of music was required, and Munna rap is not rural rap, there is a touch of modernity to it. All the songs have a different touch and flavour.

Munna rap

Did you compose Munna Rap at one go?

Most of the things I did was the song and not background music. The song Munna Rap was challenging for me, and it took me 2-3 attempts as I had made a completely different style. I knew those songs weren't doing justice to the character. I almost gave up hope ki yeh gaana Hoga nai mujse, but somehow I managed it and here it is for all of you!

Ali Fazal

Who is your favourite character of Mirzapur?

Guddu Bhaiya is my favourite character, and I like him because of how incredibility UP he is! Ali Fazal has done an incredible job, in delivering those dialogues in that local dialect, which is difficult to achieve for any actor. When you hear him, you can say that he is born and raised in UP. In fact, Guddu has a sense of honour and a sense of unpredictability that I immensely love about him.

What genres of music do you like to listen to?

My go-to genres are Rock, Pop, Hip Hop and electronic, Jazz, Indian classical, these six genres I simply love. 

You have impressed us with your rap, what are your thoughts on remixes?

A few years ago, yes. Remixes were in trend, but that is what audiences wanted to listen to composers usually create what the audience likes to listen or demand. However, now the trend is dwindling. At that time, the audiences wanted remixes and didn't wish to the original content.

What are your forthcoming projects?

My next is Bombay Begums for Netflix, and there is one for Amazon Prime which I can't reveal much. 

 Check out his song 'Munna Rap.'