Director Gopi Nainar's Telugu movie Karthavyam starring Nayanthara has received positive reviews and good ratings from the audience and critics, who termed it a soul-stirring film that can't be missed.

Karthavyam is the dubbed version of the critically-acclaimed Tamil film Aramm. Sharath Marar of Northstar Entertainments acquired its theatrical rights and released it in the Telugu states to cash in on Nayanthara's fanbase there. 

Karthavyam movie story: Madhivadhani (Nayanthara), an honest IAS officer, takes up the challenge of rescuing a four-year-old kid who falls into a borewell. While she is working on it, she notices political issues that are causing problems in rural areas. How she sorts out the issues forms the crux of the story.

Analysis: The audience and critics say that Karthavyam has a thrilling and emotional story. The director has nicely blended realism, meaningful dialogues and suspense factor, making the movie a nail-biter.

Performances: The audience and critics say that Nayanthara delivered a measured performance, which is the highlight of Karthavyam. With her brilliant acting, Nayanthara has once again proved her superstar status. Rams, Sunu Lakshmi and other artistes have done justice to their roles.

Technical: Om Prakash's cinematography, Ghibran's songs and background score are the attractions on the technical front, say the viewers and critics.

Karthavyam movie review: We bring you some verdicts from viewers and critics on the film.  

123 Telugu Rating : 3/5

Kartavyam addresses a burning issue in a very straight forward and gripping manner. Nayanthara's commandable screen presence and director's intention to expose loopholes in the system are impressive. But the film clearly lacks the regular commercial elements and this might no go well with the regular entertainment-seeking audience. All those who like films which are serious and thought provoking, this film is surely worth a watch this weekend for its unique storyline.

Telugu Cinema Rating: 3/5

'Karthavyam' tells the story of a rescue operation in a thrilling and emotional fashion. Realistic scenes, simple but effective dialogues, the suspense factor are its mainstays. The good performances help it further. Nayanathara is the backbone. The director has made it with honesty.

Jalapathy Gudelli‏ @JalapathyG

#Karthavyam: A hard-hitting film that tells the story of a collector who goes all out to rescue a girl who fell in a bore well. It doesn't flinch in asking questions about the criminal negligence in capping the unused bore wells. A message-oriented movie made with realistic tone. #Karthavyam: Director Gopi brilliantly places the story at a village near Srihari Kota (symbol of India's tech power) to drive home the point. Nayanathara and other actors perform well.

RaJiV‏ @RajivAluri

#Karthavyam is good film with realistic situations. #Nayanthara played with so much ease and done exceptionally well. 2nd half is highlight and climax is superb. Movie to watch

Prasadam Raghu‏ @RaghuStarMaa

#Karthavyam is a Good film.. #Nayanthara is apt for her role.. Realistic & Very interesting Narration by the Director. Must watch film..

Thaman S @MusicThaman

#Karthavyam releasing tom Jus loved this movie My friend and dear brother @rravindhran has producer @tridentarts16 @NayantharaU Enjoy this film m theatres near U !! A very bold sensible film My best wishes

సాయి‏ @Satyasai24x7

#Karthavyam An interesting film with good social message. Hey @nseplofficial , please chop off those Suddhala ashok teja and Tamma reddy sequences. They looked odd. Else good

A-Z Updates‏ @AtoZupdates123

#Karthavyam Just Now Watched the Movie in @sunnxt Very well executed & climax is Flawless... Self confidence that Nayantara given to the child to rescue his sister who fell in borewell was awesome.. That scene will leaves you tears in ur eyes... Verdict : Must Watch (4/5) #Karthavyam Climax Overall Must Watch Movie for this Weekend!

Sundeep Chaibisket‏ @MasalaSundeep

Watched the special screening of Nayanatara's Karthavyam yesterday with our team... Emotions pekaata aadesadu director. Do a favour to yourself and watch this movie U will love it for sure...

 Watch Kathavyam official trailer here

Vinay Ane Nenu‏ @Coolest_VINAY

#Karthavyam Best movie Story , direction

Indian movie biz‏ @indianmoviebiz

#Karthavyam review: 3/5. Decent film. Story is not that great but there are decent moments.