Nayanthara's Aramm
Nayanthara in Aramm.PR Handout

Nayanthara's Aramm is written and directed by Gopi Nainar, who has been a social activist for 15 years. It goes without saying that the film will revolve around social issues when we have a such director in the helm.

Gopi Nainar is coming out with a film about water scarcity in Tamil Nadu and farmers' plight. While dealing with that issue the film also tries to bring many other issues which are interlinked with each other that affect our society.

Aramm revolves around the struggles of a couple (Ramachandran Durairaj and Sunu Lakshmi) who try to overcome the difficulties. Madhivadhani (Nayanthara), a headstrong IAS officer, comes to their resque. What follows next is people's fight against the nexus between bureaucracts and politicians.

The film, which also has Sunu Lakshmi, Vinodhini Vaidyanathan and others in the supporting cast, has Ghibran's music. His Melam Kottudaa, Thoranam Aayiram and Pudhu Varalare tracks have won the viewers' appreciation.

While Om Prakash has handled the cinematography, Ruben has edited the film.

Coming to the director Gopi Nainar, he was in the news earlier when he created a controversy by claiming that the story of Kaththi was written by him and accussed AR Murugadoss of stealing it.

Pre Release Buzz
Aramm has spiked the viewers' interest with its teaser and trailer. One can also see the shades of Kaththi in the clips. Will it be able to impress the viewers? Find it in the audience's words here:

Haricharan Pudipeddi: Loved #Aramm. A gripping, nearly flawless story about hope and survival which succeeds in never going overboard in its realistic treatment. Stepping out of her comfort zone, #Nayanthara shines yet again but the real star is dir Gopi Nainar.

Sathish Kumar: #Aramm is based on a real life incident and how District Collector #Nayanthara handles it. It also discusses various social issues with wonderful dialogues. Audience has to support good message oriented movies like this

Sivakumar‏: Attention so called Directors! Heard #Aramm Takes a lesson on how to make movies with social issue at its core..raw and hard hitting..Director Gopi Ji worked hard for a real social message rather than copying old films and making commercial compromises..Excellent!

Sridevi Sreedhar: Watched #Aramm-It is not only one of the best films of 2017, but among the finest films you'll see in a long time.
Director #GopiNainar is familiar with his milieu and understands his characters & their motivations intricately.
#Nayanthara @GhibranOfficial @kjr_studios

Christopher Kanagaraj‏: #Aramm - Entire film revolves around a single incident which happens in a village (based on true events). Gud perf from Nayan & all supporting actors. Dialogues & music adds strength. Lip sync issues r thr. Felt little lag.No deviation from main plot. A well made social drama!

Sidhu‏: #Aramm: @GhibranOfficial brings a realistic tone to the film with his matured score. Laudable work, especially the last 30 minutes.
#Aramm: Does feel like a documentary at places, but kudos to Gopi for not diluting the mix unnecessarily. Nayan too, an important part of keeping it lively.
#Aramm: Nayanthara delivers a measured performance, making it apt for her space in the story. The bonus, some massy turns embedded within.
#Aramm: Boldly touches many important hurdles in the system, without forcing anything into the grid. Lots of thrilling moments that'll arise cheers ultimately.
#Aramm: Outstanding. Intense incident-based drama that keeps you pinned. Minjur Gopi, along with Nayanthara, delivers one of the best films of the year. I'm sold!
#Aramm Interval: Completely engrossing so far. Centered on a village incident with Nayan at the helm. Jaw-dropping intensity, didn't see that coming.

Vinoth Cj: #Aramm is a raw content delivered as it is without any commercial element. Perfectly written. Book your tickets for this weekend.

Muthu Kumar: Films like #Aramm are the need of the hour. It takes genuine sincerity to make a movie on neglected communities and incidents that are overlooked. Take a bow, #GobiNayinar ! Hats off to the lady superstar #Nayanthara for her stellar performance. Irreplaceable as Madhivadhani!