Karnataka State Police (KSP) has opened up vacancies in the Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP). There are thousands of vacancies in various posts, ranging from sub-inspector, constable, special reserve police constable and bandsmen. As per the notifications issued on the official KSP recruitment website, a total of 7,402 vacancies are available.

Interested and eligible candidates can apply for a desired post on the official KSP website. Individuals can apply for civil and armed police constable posts, sub-inspector posts, and KSRP and for the posts of bandsmen. Below are the complete details of posts and their cut-off dates for submitting the applications.

Karnataka State Police
Karnataka State Police


There are a total of 162 vacancies for the post of SI. Of these, 45 posts are for Armed Reserve Sub-Inspectors (RSI), 40 are for Special Reserve Police Sub Inspector (SRSI) KSRP, 51 sub-inspector KSISF posts and 26 police sub-inspector (wireless) posts.

The applications can be submitted online from KSP's official website from May 26 to June 26, 2020.

Police Sub-Inspectors (Civil)

The KSP is also recruiting 556 police sub-inspectors (civil), of which 431 are non-Hyderabad Karnataka posts and 125 are Hyderabad Karnataka. The applications can be submitted online from June 1 till June 30, 2020.

Civil and Armed Policemen

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There are a total of 4,014 posts in the civil and armed policemen category. Of these, 2,565 posts are for police constable (civil), which can be applied by both men and women, and the remaining 1,449 posts are for armed police constable (CAR / DAR) but reserved for men. Applications for these posts can be submitted online from May 22 till June 22, 2020.

Constable & Bandsmen

Finally, the KSRP has opened 2,672 posts for KSRP constable and bandsmen. There are 2,420 posts for special reserve police constable and 252 posts for bandsmen. The application dates are between May 18 till June 15, 2020.