Stray dogs
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From stray dogs being poisoned to being raped — our canine friends often hit headlines that make us lose hope in humanity.

In fact, recently, it was reported that stray dogs in the Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills areas of Hyderabad were found dead or seriously ill with symptoms of poisoning.

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News such as these erodes away our faith in humanity bit by bit. However, the actions of Bengaluru Traffic Police DCP (East) Abhishek Goyal should act as a salve, not just for us but our furry four-legged friends.

The incident took place near the Karnataka Special Reserve Police (KSRP) Reserve Line, Bengaluru. Goyal came out to see what had happened after hearing a lot of commotion, only to find a poor dog with his head stuck in a pot. 

Goyal, along 15 other policemen, tried to rescue a stray dog that happened to have got his head stuck in a matka (a pot).

They first made a cut on the plastic pot so the poor dog could breatheTwitter/Abhishek Goyal

He shared the pictures on his Twitter account, detailing the rescue. He said they first made a cut on the plastic pot so the poor dog could breathe. They then proceeded to take the pot off the dog.

The canine, however, was so scared of the entire incident that he ran away as soon as the pot was taken off his head. 

He wrote on Twitter: "Just heard a lot of commotion in KSRP Reserve Line. Around 15 policemen were trying to rescue a stray dog who had managed to get his head stuck in a matka. [sic]"

He added: "First a cut was made to breathe. Then rescued. Could not click the final pic as the poor scared soul ran away asap. [sic]" 

They proceeded to take the pot off the dog.Twitter/Abhishek Goyal

He was soon flooded with a number of comments praising him and the other policemen for the noble act.

One Twitter user said: "Appreciable act...Reminds us of the condition of a few corrupt people who get caught in self-created complications and later are uunable to extricate themselves out of the complications that arise from their own faulty thinking pattern...complicated society. [sic]"

Another user said: "It got help as it happened inside police lines, imagining what would have happened if it was outside somewhere, chances of getting help would have been less.. Great job..BLR Police!! [sic]"

Here are some other tweets praising the good work: