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If you have female animals as pets, you should know about a condition, called Pyometra - a serious infection of the womb that affects them. Vets warn pet owners about the deadly disease because if it is left untreated, it can lead to blood poisoning, kidney failure, dehydration and, in some cases even death.

So, the vets recommend that the owners should be aware of this disease and get their animals neutered or spayed at a young age in order to prevent the risk of infection.

Pyometra is caused by a bacterial infection commonly known as E. coli. It often occurs a few weeks after a female has finished a season and the infection causes pus to accumulate in the womb. The symptoms range from mild vomiting, fatigue, vaginal discharge and a lack of activity, the Daily Mail reported.

Once the womb gets infected, urgent surgery is needed to remove it which comes with severe risks. Removing the womb beforehand is a better option as it increases the animal's chance of survival whereas operations could be really fatal.

Veterinary nurse Charlotte Hailstones told Daily Mail: "If it is left too long the infection will become huge and eventually the animal's body just can't fight it."

"It is so important that people know the signs because it cannot be cured and pets will die," Hailstones added.

Dogs, as well as cats, can be neutered from just ten weeks old. In the UK, however, most vets neuter them when they are a little older.

Hailstones said: "We see a lot of dogs that aren't neutered and it is always a concern that they might develop Pyometra."

"It's really important. We see a lot of cases in older dogs and for them to have a major operation can be risky," she added.