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A 55-year-old man from Karnataka was allegedly held captive at his house by his siblings for more than two years. He was rescued on Tuesday by the child and rescue department.

The man identified as Thippa Reddy, a resident of Kelakote in Chitradurga district, was confined inside his late mother's house for over two years. Reddy is unmarried and used to run a business before he was locked up by his siblings.

According to reports, Reddy was released by the welfare department after someone tipped the authorities about his confinement. The officials on Tuesday broke the lock of the house and found Reddy lying on the floor in an unhealthy condition. They shifted him to a hospital to check his condition.

It is alleged that Reddy was held up inside the house against his will by his brothers and sisters over some property dispute. However, no formal complaint has been lodged over the incident and the authorities are waiting for Reddy to get back into shape.

"Reddy is not in good shape and suffering from depression. We are waiting for him to recover to take his statement. We have also spoken to his family members in this regard," said Radha K, deputy director of women and child welfare department, reports TOI.

According to Reddy's neighbours, they used to often hear him screaming at night and it stopped once they complained about this to his relatives. The neighbours believe that he was being drugged after that incident. They also said that once in two days, a person used to come and throw food packet inside the house and leave.