The often drought-hit village in the district  Chitradurga in Karnataka witnessed a very strange natural anomaly when flames and what looked like lava started to erupt from an agricultural land.

On October 2nd around 4pm, a red hot molten fluid like lava was seen erupting in a field. This land belongs to Thippeswamy, from the Lambani community of Manamainahatti village. Villagers panicked as they thought this would further lead to an eruption. 

An electric pole situated near the spot also melted to the ground. Officials immediately arrived at the scene and replaced the pole.

Karnataka: Flame and lava arise in the agricultural land of Chitradurga
Electric pole melted due to the underground lava in Chitradurga, Karnataka.

Police officials visited the site for examination and informed that a piece of the melted electric pole has been sent for testing to the laboratory of the department of geology.

A large number of people gathered around to witness the scene. "About 40% of the cultivated plants were destroyed and this is a huge loss for the farmers. No one told us anything of this occurence, we still have no idea why lava was coming from the ground", said Kishan, a resident of the village.