There have been some shocking incidents this year – some that even challenge our senses to believe something preposterous. They happened regardless. Another incident from Karnataka will send chills down the spine as a man brutally attacked a woman with a machete in broad daylight in the middle of the road. Shockingly, no one came forward to try and stop the horrific incident from happening, rather chose to remain silent spectators.

The video of the attack has since been widely shared on social media, drawing heavy criticism. The attacker, identified as Ismail K Kukura – an auto driver who hails from Rampura village, attacked the woman in the middle of Hubbali's Deshpande Nagar.


In the video, Kukura can be seen hitting the woman repeatedly as she helplessly lied on the ground. At one point, the accused can be seen hitting on her head and neck with the machete as the victim cries out loud in pain. Soon after, she collapses on the road owing to the serious injuries from the brutal attack. Later, a man, believed to be an acquaintance of the attacker, comes in a bike and stops the attacker.

Victim hospitalised, attacker arrested

The victim, identified as Asha Agasara who works in a jewellery shop, has been hospitalised and being treated for her injuries. It is reported that the woman had known the attacker for a while, and had rejected his proposal, which led to the attack.

The accused has since been arrested by the police and investigation is currently underway.

The video can be watched HERE. Viewer discretion is advised.