As the popular saying goes about karma eventually catching up, a live demonstration happened in Bengaluru. A 19-year-old engineering student was thrown off the roof of a building in Bengaluru slipped into a coma in 2010. A year later, the victim woke up and recalled the horrors of the attack. What followed later was something his attackers didn't see coming. A seven-year sentence was waiting for them.

Souvik Chatterjee woke up from a coma nearly a year after two of his college mates attacked him. Chatterjee recalled the incident on recovery and led the investigators to nab the attackers. The 29-year-old victim helped the police with a sketch of the scene of the crime, which led straight to Shashank Das and Jitendra Kumar Sahu.

Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash

How it all started

Shashank Das from Assam and Jitendra Kumar Sahu from Odisha, both now software engineers, were arrested by the police. Das secured a job at a private bank in Delhi while Sahu worked for an IT major in Bengaluru as they moved on with their lives while their friend was bed-ridden.

It all started with a feud over a girl, on which both Chatterjee and Das had a crush on. Das had reportedly passed lewd remarks about the girl who studied at a women's college on the same campus as theirs. Chatterjee then cut off his ties with Das, but he then wanted to mend things with the latter.

"Das called Chatterjee around 9 am on December 6, 2010, and regretted his behavior. Das asked Chatterjee to go up to his terrace. There, he was assaulted and thrown over by Das, Sahu and two unknown persons," a police officer said, according to TOI.

Chatterjee sustained head injuries, which put him in coma. After being treated in Bengaluru for two months, he was shifted to his native Kolkata. He recalled the incident months after regaining consciousness in August 2011. The attackers were arrested in 2012 but later given bail. Now, the duo has been sentenced to seven years in jail for an attempt to murder.