The Karnataka government has launched a service to help those who are stranded across the state and wish to travel within the state. The announcement for the same has been shared by the DGP of Karnataka from its official Twitter handle.

Launch of Service Plus COVID 19 

In the tweet, it mentions about the Service Plus COVID 19 which people can access and apply from should they need to travel to other districts within the state. Though on clicking the link, it prompts for login id credentials which, for the moment, has not been informed about.

Karnataka DGP tweet

Though people appreciated this initiative by the state government, the incomplete information about the service left many confused.

Incomplete info left people in limbo

People are not sure what process to follow to avail the service or how can they log in and see what are the requirements to fulfil. As the government has COVID-19 tests and period of quarantine procedures set in place for all those travelling to the state, people wondered if all those who would be coming even within the state would also have to undergo a similar procedure.

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There were lots of queries at people's end. Complete information about the service would dispel related doubts.

People's reaction to DGP tweet
Courtesy: Twitter

Transport services resume

In the wake of lockdown, thousands of people are stranded all across the country. Taking cognisance of disconcert, especially migrant workers, PM Narendra Modi allowed running of special trains to transport people to their respective native places.

Karnataka government had also arranged for KSRTC state buses for labourers and migrant workers intending to travel to their hometowns within the state. Though the Congres state chief had footed the inflated fare that government had raised three times more than the regular fare.

Migrant workers
Migrant workers

The government had reasoned that since the buses would be carrying just till the 50% of its capacity to main social distancing, it would incur losses if passengers would just pay the regular fare.

As of on Wednesday, May 13, Karnataka has registered over 959 COVID 19 cases in the state including 33 deaths. Over 451 people have been discharged after their recovered.