The Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister went on a tirade against Bengaluru Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao, IPS on Thursday. Reportedly the matter was seen rather unfortunate by the public in general. Local Kannada media suggested that that the Dy CM felt that since the Commissioner Rao met the food delivery companies, he had taken a bribe from them to issue passes.

The Dy CM was reportedly very patronizing towards and upset with the Commissioner. Sources suggest the issue might have been something entirely different, something to do with an demand which Dy CM had made and the CP would not have been in a position to oblige. 

The Deputy CM is said to have lost his cool and made unsubstantiated allegations of corruption against the Bengaluru city police commissioner, Bhaskar Rao. This act of the Dy CM is said to have left all those present in a shock.

But as per media reports, the police commissioner took a call to deny Ashwathnarayan's demand of issuing more passes to delivery executives so as to maintain lesser people on the ground owing to fears of the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). The whole incident happened in the presence of the Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa. 

India under lockdown due to coronavirus

The public not happy with DyCM's behavior

Citizens & local media expressed their displeasure over the conduct of Ashwathnarayan.

Bhaskar Rao IPS and DyCM Ashwath Narayan
Bhaskar Rao IPS and DyCM Ashwath NarayanCollage

PM Narendra Modi had earlier called for a nationwide lockdown for 21-days, hoping to keep people indoors. In a meeting which was supposed to deal with ensuring the safety of Bengaluru residents, such an act by the Dy CM is seen by many as unfortunate, unnecessary and unbecoming of a minister as it poses a threat to the purpose of a lockdown. Misplaced priorities?

Bhaskar Rao is a people's police commissioner & Dy CM is a decent politician. The CP has brought new life into the City Police. Very sad to see both good people in an argument like this. Dy CM could have avoided such remarks. Why risk the lives of millions of Bengalurueans?" a news reporter quipped.

Both Bhaskar & Ashwath are decent people. Sad that Ashwath lost sight of the greater good and didn't realise the CP wasn't really opposing him but was only making a good point" said a senior member of a political party.

People are also criticizing DyCM's outburst against the city police commissioner.

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CoP offers to resign

It is reported that Dr. Ashwathnarayan's outburst did not stop at criticizing the commissioner but even accusing Rao of receiving kickbacks from food delivery companies, the Asian Age reported.

Bhaskar Rao was reportedly, deeply hurt by the allegations made by the deputy CM and offered to resign to prove his innocence. 

CP Bengaluru, Bhaskar Rao could not be reached for comment at the time of filing of this report. And as soon as we receive a comment from the Dy. CM, this story will be duly updated.