Karnataka crisis
Chief Minister Kumaraswamy moved the motion of confidence in the Assembly on Thursday.IANS

The Congress-Janata Dal (Secular) coalition in Karnataka will have to prove majority in the Assembly by 1:30 pm on Friday, July 19. The future of the HD Kumaraswamy-led government stands on shaky grounds after 18 MLAs tendered their resignation.

Chief Minister Kumaraswamy moved the motion of confidence in the Assembly on Thursday. However, Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar remained undecided on the MLAs' resignation and adjourned the Assembly till Friday. The governor, Vajubhai Vala, on request from a BJP delegation, had urged the Speaker to consider a trust vote by the end of the day on Thursday.

In a letter to Kumaraswamy, the Governor directed him to prove majority, after he observed that the rebel MLAs' resignation prima-facie indicated that the coalition had lost majority.

"The fact that 15 members have met me and tendered their resignations and coupled with 2 members have withdrawn their support and other attendant circumstances do prima facie indicate that you have lost majority/confidence of the House," wrote the Governor.

"Though a message as contemplated under article 175 (2) is sent to the Speaker, I'm informed that the House is adjourned today. Under these circumstances, I request you to prove your majority on the floor of the House on or before 1:30 pm tomorrow (Friday)," he added.

Meanwhile, the political drama continued after Bharatiya Janata Party leader BS Yeddyurappa said that his party members would sleep in the Assembly to protest. "There has been a breach of the constitutional framework. To protest against this, we will sleep here itself," announced Yeddyurappa.

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2019-07-1916:53 (IST)

KPCC president moves SC against its July 17 order

KPCC president Dinesh Gundu Rao has moved the Supreme Court against its July 17 order which said that 15 rebel MLAs cannot be compelled to attend House proceedings. He said, " it whittles down the right of a political party to issue a whip to its legislators".

2019-07-1916:50 (IST)

"Request you to protect me from the letter sent by the Governor"

"I leave the decision on the floor test to you (the Speaker). It won't be directed by Delhi. I request you to protect me from the letter sent by the Governor," said HDK.

2019-07-1916:49 (IST)

Love letter from the Governor

2019-07-1916:03 (IST)

"Down down Amit Shah, down down BJP"

Congress-JD(S) legislators chanted "Down down Amit Shah, down down BJP" after Congress president Dinesh Gundu Rao alleged that the Union Home Minister has links to the political situation that prevails in Karnataka at present.

Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar brought the House back to order saying, "He (Amit Shah) is not a member of this House and hence such allegations will not go into the assembly record."

2019-07-1915:51 (IST)

BJP delegation to meet Governor

A BJP delegation will meet Governor Vajubhai Vala today to complain against CM HD Kumaraswamy for not following Governor's directive.

2019-07-1915:31 (IST)

Governor issues second deadline for floor test

Governor asks CM to prove majority before 6 pm on Friday.

2019-07-1915:28 (IST)

Karnataka Congress President Dinesh Gundu Rao approaches SC

2019-07-1915:22 (IST)

Governor sends interim report on today's development to House Secretary

Governor Vajubhai Vala sent an interim report on today's development to Home Secretary.

2019-07-1915:21 (IST)

Breach of privilege motion against Srinivas Gowda

2019-07-1914:15 (IST)

"You are trying to destroy democracy"

"I have given funds to all of your districts. But you(BJP) say I am the CM of only two-three districts. That is why I am saying there should not be any hurry, let us discuss it. You are trying to destroy democracy," said HDK during the discussion. 

2019-07-1914:14 (IST)

I don't think it will finish today: Siddaramaiah

2019-07-1913:40 (IST)

Session adjourned till 3 pm

Speaker adjourned the session until 3 pm on Friday. 

2019-07-1913:37 (IST)

Speaker rules out trust vote until the end of discussion

Speaker said that voice vote will be conducted after the conclusion of the discussion.

2019-07-1913:31 (IST)

Governor's 1:30 deadline ends

The Governor had 1:30 as the deadline for the Congress-Janata Dal (Secular) coalition to prove majority in the Assembly.

2019-07-1913:24 (IST)

"Please consider the legislators' rights"

"Please consider the legislators' rights while deciding on what to do next in the light of the Governor's message," Congress MLA Krishna Byre Gowda told the Speaker.

2019-07-1913:08 (IST)

Shrimant Patil's letter to Governor

"I went to Chennai for personal work&felt chest pain. Visited hospital& on doctor suggestion I came to Mumbai and got admitted here. Hence couldn't attend assembly session, was not kidnapped by BJP," said Congress MLA Shrimant Patil in a letter to the Governor.

2019-07-1912:52 (IST)

BJP MLAs to file defamation suit for Re 1

Sr Vishwanath and Ashwath Narayana to file defamation case against Srinivas Gowda.

2019-07-1912:44 (IST)

Karnataka police meets Congress MLA Shrimant Patil

2019-07-1912:35 (IST)

"BJP MLAs not responding to bribe allegations"

"Why are BJP MLAs not responding to bribe allegations?" asked Krishna Byre Gowda in the Assembly.

2019-07-1912:33 (IST)

Money offered to GTD on behalf of BS Yeddyurappa: SaRa Mahesh

"Who gave chartered flights to rebels?" asked SaRa Mahesh. "Thankful to HD Deve Gowda for making me a minister," he added. 

2019-07-1912:07 (IST)

Do not cheat the people who have elected you, says Kumaraswamy

CM Kumaraswamy said in the Assembly that they have not indulged in black magic to save the government. "I am not an important person here. But do not cheat the people who have elected you."

2019-07-1912:05 (IST)

'Karnataka Governor has become BJP agent': Congress leader KC Venugopal

"The Karnataka Governor has now become a BJP agent. Raj Bhavan has become the BJP office. He has no power to intervene in the day-to-day activities of the legislature. He is violating the principles of the Constitution," The Indian Express quoted KC Venugopal, All India Congress Committee general secretary, as saying.  

2019-07-1911:52 (IST)

This position is not important for me: HDK

"I do not lust for power. I have been made CM due to circumstances. The government can be formed today or tomorrow. I want to set an example for generations to come," said CM Kumaraswamy. 

"It is true that I am in a similar situation in which Yeddyurappa was when he was the chief minister. Power is not permanent and people will come and go. I had never dreamt of becoming the chief minister. I am an accidental chief minister," he added. 

2019-07-1911:46 (IST)

"I will not beg anybody to come back"

"Power and Position are temporary. I will not beg anybody to come back," said Kumaraswamy in the Assembly. 

2019-07-1911:43 (IST)

"BJP tried toppling the government since day 1"

"Since the government was formed, the BJP claimed that the coalition was unstable. There is a question of resignation before the Speaker. There is a constitutional provision to look into resignation," said HDK.

2019-07-1911:40 (IST)

Independents came to me saying that the BJP was not the right party: HDK

"In 2008, BJP formed the government with the help of independents. The independents then came to me saying that the BJP was not the right party. I didn't encourage defection in 2008," said Kumaraswamy in the Assembly.

2019-07-1911:33 (IST)

"Today will be the end of Congress-JDS government's misrule"

Speaking to the media in Bengaluru, State BJP chief B S Yeddyurappa said, "Mostly today will be the end of Congress-JDS government's misrule... the Chief Minister will make his farewell speech today, we will patiently hear it."

"Depending on the outcome of the proceedings in the House today, we will discuss with our national president Amit Shah and decide on the future course of action," he added.

2019-07-1911:31 (IST)

CM recalls 2006 incident when JD(S) joined hands with BJP

"The BJP's agenda in 2006 was to keep Congress out of power. It was BJP's fault that the coalition government collapsed in 2007. It was not my fault," said Kumaraswamy.

2019-07-1911:28 (IST)

Session begins in Karnataka Assembly

Congress leaders and JD (S) members have arrived at the assembly for the session. Chief Minister Kumaraswamy is currently addressing the legislators.

2019-07-1911:21 (IST)

Have enough strength to take a non partisan decision: Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar

"Those who hurl slurs at my character, look back at what your life has been. Anyone who knows me knows I don't have lakhs of money stashed up like others. I have enough strength to take a non-partisan decision despite such slurs," said Karnataka Assembly Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar.

2019-07-1911:16 (IST)

BJP Karnataka MP, Shobha Karandlaje prays for BS Yeddyurappa to become the next CM

2019-07-1910:49 (IST)

In photos: Karnataka Police arrive at Mumbai hospital to meet Congress MLA

2019-07-1910:38 (IST)

'Karnataka Governor interfering': Congress MP Nasir Hussain

"I think the Congress party will go to Supreme Court because the Governor cannot interfere in the matter of Speaker, he has no right to do it. Governor is arbitrarily interfering and trying to work as an agent of a party," Congress MP Nasir Hussain told ANI.

2019-07-1910:28 (IST)

Congress gives Adjournment Motion Notice in Lok Sabha

Congress gives Adjournment Motion Notice in Lok Sabha over "current political situation in Karnataka".

2019-07-1910:04 (IST)

Karnataka deputy CM meets BJP MLAs

2019-07-1910:03 (IST)

Karnataka Deputy CM has breakfast at Assembly

2019-07-1910:02 (IST)

Karnataka BJP MLAs to hold a meeting with State BJP President