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Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa said his government is committed to ensuring that employment opportunities for Kannadigas are never compromised and that they get a lion's share of jobs in the state.

Yediyurappa was delivering his Independence Day address at Field Marshal Manekshaw Parade Grounds in Bengaluru on Thursday.

The government's move came after pro-Kannada organisation Kannada Ranadheera Pade led a 24-hour protest campaign -- Karnataka jobs for Kannadigas --  demanding 100 percent job reservation.

The president of the organisation Harish B Kumar said: "We are Kannadigas first and then Indians. India is a country made up of states and not the other way around". He emphasised that they were proud Indians. "It is sad that the Union government has refused to acknowledge the flag officially despite a request to do so," Kumar added.

Recently, protests and social media campaigns were taken on this issue and activists have been demanding a policy similar to the one in Andhra Pradesh. In July 2019, Andhra became the first Indian state to reserve 75 percent jobs for locals in all private industrial sectors.

Yediyurappa said that the government is ready to offer equal job opportunities to the people migrating to Karnataka seeking employment. But, he also said the people migrating to the state should also adapt to the Kannada culture, language and lifestyle without compromising their identity.

"In this regard, Kannadigas lead by example. Kannadigas no matter where they go and settle blend seamlessly with the country or town of adoption. This is worth emulating," he added.

In his speech, the CM said that Bengaluru should also be developed like San Francisco's Silicon Valley. He said that Karnataka has met 98 percent of criteria in ease of doing business and the government will take steps to achieve 100 percent.

The 2014-19 industrial policy of Karnataka will expire in September and the government will come up with new policies to boost development in areas recognised as backward, Tier 2 and Tier 3, to attract investments outside of Bengaluru and create job opportunities.

Yediyurappa said that his government is committed to building a wealthy and healthy Karnataka, focusing beyond the boundaries of Bengaluru.