Kumaraswamy temple
(Representational image) CM Kumaraswamy pictured inside a temple.ANI

Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy's chartered plane was stopped from taking off from the Kishangarh airport on Thursday for not paying the airport fees. Kumaraswamy, along with his father former chief minister Deve Gowda, his wife and son had visited Pushkar and the Ajmer Dargah to mark three months on him being the chief minister of Karnataka.

The family was on their way back after the short pilgrimage.

They had reached Kishangarh on Thursday morning, visited the shrine and was back at the airport at 3:45 pm. The airport authorities refused to give the go-ahead for the plane to take off.

The airport manager, Ashok Kumar told Bangalore Mirror that the fee was not paid. He also said that private aircraft have a credit system where the fee is usually deducted when the flight lands at the airport.

Kumaraswamy and his family had to wait for 20 minutes while the fee payment was done online. They took off at 4:15 pm after that.

In a separate news, Kumaraswamy's accountant, HB Sunil was subject to a raid by the income tax department. His home and office were searched until late Wednesday evening.